Stravito Unveils Conversational Assistant to Streamline Decision-Making

Enterprise insights platform Stravito has unveiled the Stravito Assistant, a reliable partner for swift answers and improved inquiry to expedite access to critical insights for informed decision-making.

Through its interactive conversational interface, users can engage with the technology in a dynamic dialogue, streamlining workflows and accelerating the path to valuable insights.

“We are proud to unveil Stravito Assistant, using Generative AI technology to create a product that truly supports human expertise. Built hand in hand with our customers, and with the utmost focus on security and privacy, Assistant combines Stravito’s brilliant user experience with intuitive interactions to provide employees in large enterprises with a conversational tool that is easy and enjoyable to use. Stravito Assistant automates workflows and reduces time-to-insight, so that insights professionals and business stakeholders can make more informed decisions faster,” said Thor Olof Philogène, Founder and CEO of Stravito.

In contrast to Stravito's initial generative AI offering, which provided straightforward question-and-answer functionality, Stravito Assistant elevates the interaction to a nuanced conversation. Users are guided through a series of follow-up and clarifying questions, delving deeper into research findings to unearth the most relevant and actionable information. Each response is meticulously annotated, instilling confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the insights provided.

Preserving all conversation threads  

The History tab within Stravito Assistant preserves all conversation threads, enabling users to revisit past interactions and seamlessly pick up where they left off. Moreover, the Assistant streamlines the transition from insights to action by summarizing key takeaways in concise bullet points and creating presentation drafts, complete with cited sources.

Emphasizing a commitment to reliability, privacy, and security, Stravito Assistant operates exclusively on client-owned data, prioritizing the freshest information and transparently flagging older sources.

“Early uses of generative AI for insights have shown us that getting the best results requires asking the right questions and receiving summarized answers based on contextualized, easily provable data. By making Stravito Assistant more conversational and context-aware, we’ve ensured users can easily navigate a knowledge space and reduce time-to-insight in a secure and transparent way,” Philogène continued.