SugarCRM and Mediafly Partner for Seamless Content Management

SugarCRM and content management solutions provider Mediafly have joined forces to announce a new solution - Mediafly for Sugar - to equip customer-facing teams with essential content and analytics tools, enabling them to deliver compelling, personalized, and interactive buying experiences that drive increased sales success.

“Today’s buyers are more informed, they interact with salespeople much later in the buying cycle, and they expect information on demand tailored to their specific business needs. Sugar and Mediafly provide a one-stop shop for sales, buyer and partner enablement content – all surfaced directly within Sugar, for a seamless experience that empowers buyers – and sellers – with the right content at the right time,” says Clint Oram, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, SugarCRM.

In today's B2B sales landscape, customer interactions with sales professionals are decreasing in duration, making it crucial for sellers to optimize every moment spent with buyers by providing relevant content that guides them towards a purchase decision. This includes pre-meeting materials, guided follow-up, and ongoing check-in materials—a proposition that the combined Sugar and Mediafly offering fully supports.

Providing sales representatives with the right tools 

Mediafly for Sugar equips sales representatives with the tools to efficiently prepare, discover, and share content with customers while gaining valuable insights into customer engagement patterns. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, including machine learning, the solution optimizes content performance by tracking customer interactions, meeting outcomes, and overall sales performance. Customer engagement scoring provides valuable insights into customer interest levels, while analytics-driven recommendations guide sales teams towards their next best actions.

In addition, the solution offers detailed insights into the usage, views, and sharing of content, enabling teams to correlate marketing assets with pipeline outcomes effectively.

This innovative offering allows organizations to manage sales content efficiently, ensuring accessibility across all devices and channels, whether online or offline, and supporting a wide range of content formats. All content and engagement analytics seamlessly integrate with SugarCRM, providing a comprehensive view of sales performance and customer interactions.

“It’s becoming increasingly challenging for sellers to generate and serve up content that is timely, brand-compliant, and which meets the needs of customers throughout the sales cycle. Mediafly seamlessly integrates with the Sugar platform to help customer-facing teams collaborate, predict, assess, engage, and execute better across the customer lifecycle – all from a single interface,” says Tony Kavadas, Chief Partner Officer, Mediafly.

In other news, SugarCRM has announced the appointment of Paul Farrell as Chief Product Officer.