SugarCRM Debuts New GenAI Features for Midmarket CRM

SugarCRM has announced that it is leveraging generative AI to bring value and productivity gains to midmarket customers worldwide, particularly sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

With CRM poised to shift into a "customer personal assistant" with AI as one of its pillars, SugarCRM is staying ahead of the curve by incorporating generative AI into its platform. The use cases are endless: freeing up time and resources, allowing employees to focus on high-value tasks, enhancing sales productivity, and so on.

SugarCRM’s new AI advancements specifically cater to sales, marketing, and service teams to help them work faster and smarter in the following ways:

Generative AI for Sales dramatically enhances sales productivity and effectiveness by composing personalized and compelling emails and sales copy, data-driven and persuasive ready-made call scripts, and sales proposals infused with real-time customer intelligence. 

Generative AI for Marketing takes marketing automation and personalization to the next level, maximizing impact through creation of ultra-relevant, personalized marketing campaigns, landing pages and emails, automatic translation, and smarter segmentation.

Finally, Generative AI for Customer Service accelerates knowledge and value exchange by summarizing case history and service tickets, creates personalized user guides and product documentation, and enables agents and customers to quickly find answers and resolve issues.

“Most businesses are looking to AI to transform experiences and drive greater productivity. Today’s generative AI announcement is the latest evidence of our commitment to make AI accessible to all and to maximize usability for a next-level CRM user experience,” said SugarCRM CEO Craig Charlton.

Administrators are equipped with tools to audit, control, and filter the data flow directed to large language models, thereby providing robust protection for best-practice business data and intellectual property.

“The generative AI revolution is here, and midmarket sales, marketers and customer service pros can’t afford to be left out of the equation. With Sugar, organizations can unleash the potential of generative AI to automate, accelerate and optimize marketing, sales and customer service,” added Charlton.

Sugar’s new generative AI capabilities are currently available to customers participating in a closed pilot program.