Talkdesk Joins Epic’s Pals Program to Elevate Patient Healthcare Experiences 

Talkdesk has announced its participation in Epic's new Pals program, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing and broadening the integration of its Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud platform with Epic's electronic health record (EHR) software.

This program aids customers in choosing vendors who offer verified integrations with Epic's software.  

“The hospitals, independent practices and other companies we support are continuously looking to improve the patient experience. The right technology plays a critical role in providers’ ability to achieve efficient and personalized patient interactions. Additionally, patients will have improved self-service opportunities and contact center leaders will have enhanced analytics by combining Epic and Talkdesk data in new ways,” said Sam Seering, Product Manager of Cheers, customer relationship management platform, Epic.

The introduction of this program streamlines enhanced cooperation between Epic and Talkdesk in terms of technology accessibility, go-to-market assistance, and technical support. This collaborative effort between the two entities aims to deliver more tightly integrated patient experience solutions to their shared customers. This includes directly integrating Talkdesk's advanced voice and digital contact center capabilities with existing and forthcoming features within Epic's Cheers CRM suite.

Back in 2021, Talkdesk made an initial announcement about its direct integration with Epic, a significant milestone that established Talkdesk as the first Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) vendor in Epic's earlier App Orchard marketplace. Since then, Talkdesk has had an important role in creating and implementing solutions tailored specifically for the healthcare sector.

“Contact centers are responsible for important touch points between patients, members or caregivers and healthcare businesses. Generative AI is changing the game, creating tremendous potential to transform the patient experience but that can only happen if we are closely synchronizing the patient journey across communication platforms and the EHR. Together Talkdesk and Epic will continue to empower healthcare providers to deliver the personalization and convenience that patients and families expect and deserve,” said Patty Hayward, GM of Healthcare at Talkdesk.

Talkdesk's Healthcare Experience Cloud is an AI-driven platform designed with a clear focus on assisting healthcare providers in delivering modern and efficient patient experiences. Within the Healthcare Experience Cloud, healthcare providers can readily access a turnkey Epic integration, enabling them to enhance patient access, manage revenue cycles, and elevate patient services across thousands of daily patient interactions.

Establishing direct integrations in patient communication systems is crucial for providing patients with personalized and interconnected experiences. According to a Talkdesk Research study conducted in partnership with the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), 67% of healthcare IT leaders regarded maintaining consistency and connectivity in the patient experience as a top or absolutely essential priority for their organization.

In other news, eGain has partnered with Talkdesk to help businesses leverage AI-powered knowledge management and advanced digital capabilities through the Talkdesk-eGain Connector.