TELUS International and Appian Transform Business Operations Through a Low-Code Automation Platform

TELUS International has expanded its collaboration with Appian to offer clients a dynamic end-to-end value chain through intelligent automation as a service (AaaS) platform. This partnership establishes a unified, AI-driven IT ecosystem, integrating technologies like AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA) with a data fabric architecture.

Appian's low-code process automation platform streamlines rapid application development, allowing users to build applications visually and efficiently, bridging skills gaps within organizations.

"Our deepened collaboration with Appian marks a pivotal milestone in our journey to further empower our clients with automation solutions that eclipse the typical effort-reward equation of software development. Integrating Appian's extensive low-code features into our existing capabilities has helped us develop a superior and differentiated suite of interconnected applications that foster seamless, cross-departmental collaboration and can automate end-to-end business processes versus siloed task-level automations," said Monty Hamilton, Senior Vice President, TELUS International.

Case study 

In a case study focusing on TELUS Communications, TELUS International's enhanced AaaS platform, powered by Appian's low-code capabilities, enabled TELUS employees to develop network build tools significantly faster than traditional methods. These tools, encompassing functionalities such as network design, configuration, deployment, and optimization, were developed at a pace five times quicker than conventional approaches. This accelerated development pace led to enhanced collaboration and efficiency gains, resulting in substantial cost savings of C$5 million in 2023 for TELUS Communications.

TELUS International has established itself as a trusted partner for media and telecommunications companies seeking to transform their networks digitally. Leveraging a systematic methodology, the company identifies process improvement opportunities and implements intelligent automation solutions tailored to its client's needs. In addition, TELUS International provides managed services, including monitoring, maintenance, and support, alleviating the burden of managing complex automation systems for businesses.

"The agility and adaptability of the Appian Platform combined with TELUS International’s AaaS platform uniquely empowers businesses across industries to address challenges and drive real business impact. Together, our expertise accelerates innovation and reduces resource-intensive tasks through AI powered low-code development and end-to-end process automation," said Medhat Galal, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Appian.

Elsewhere, TELUS International has unveiled the beta release of Fuel iX, an advanced AI engine designed to assist companies in scaling up their generative AI (GenAI) projects to the production level.