ServiceNow and AWS Forge Five-Year Partnership to Transform Business Workflows

ServiceNow has signed a five-year agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to infuse artificial intelligence into critical business workflows. Starting in early 2024, the ServiceNow Platform and its complete suite of solutions will be accessible through the AWS Marketplace as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

As part of this collaboration, both companies will collaborate on the development and launch of industry-specific, AI-powered business applications designed to be hosted on AWS and featured in the AWS Marketplace. Joint customers will enjoy new avenues for acquiring and leveraging ServiceNow solutions.

“By entering into an SCA with AWS, we’re taking another major step in accelerating end-to-end business transformation. Our new SaaS platform on AWS and our co-developed solutions are an integral part of our efforts to help customers put AI to work for their business. We are thrilled to bring together AWS’s leading cloud capabilities, the power of the ServiceNow platform as well as our leadership and innovation in cloud computing, generative AI, and machine learning,” said Paul Fipps, President of Strategic Accounts at ServiceNow.

The partnership leverages AWS's scalability and extensive reach in conjunction with ServiceNow's intelligent platform, fostering end-to-end digital transformation. This alliance is expected to help customers enhance performance, retain agility, and create a more adaptable and efficient infrastructure management environment.

Moreover, AWS and ServiceNow plan to harness their generative AI engineering expertise to create new automation applications. The initial focus will be on transforming various sectors, including manufacturing, supply chain management, call centers, and cloud transformations.

Jointly developed solutions  

With their industry expertise, both companies have jointly developed integrated solutions tailored for AWS, providing customers with native capabilities.

One of these solutions is the AI Call Center, which combines ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) with Amazon Connect. This integration allows businesses to swiftly establish advanced contact centers utilizing AWS AI technology and ServiceNow workflows for efficient case management. Leveraging features like ServiceNow Now Assist and Amazon AI/ML-powered analytics, calls can detect sentiment, conversation characteristics, and contact themes. This information is then utilized to equip agents with relevant knowledge articles and contextual critical information.

Another collaborative solution addresses Cloud Transformation by establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) using the ServiceNow platform. This setup provides comprehensive visibility into cloud workloads, driving outcomes in AIOps, SecOps, and Risk. It streamlines the acceleration of cloud adoption through a cloud service catalog, identifying workloads suitable for migration to AWS based on existing capacity and business requirements. ServiceNow's Technology Workflows solutions allow customers to choose their preferred hosting location for data and apps, recommending data transfers and seamlessly taking over the operation of workflows within the cloud.

The collaboration also introduces novel applications aimed at revolutionizing various industry processes.

Automotive manufacturing solution 

This solution focuses on managing the building, maintenance, and repair data within vehicles throughout the entire lifecycle. From notifying issues to providing mechanic instructions and signaling completion, the application utilizes ServiceNow Customer, and Creator Workflows layered on AWS data lakes. This integration addresses actionable data derived from vehicles and the manufacturing process, streamlining operations.

Supply chain solution  

The planned integration of AWS Supply Chain and ServiceNow offers an advanced solution for supply chain management. AWS Supply Chain enhances forecasting and operational efficiency through real-time data and machine learning. ServiceNow's service management tools automate tasks and enhance service delivery. Additionally, AWS is developing new capabilities within the AWS Supply Chain to help customers manage upstream supply chains more effectively, including accurate forecasting, communication with suppliers, and obtaining essential environmental data.


These innovative solutions will be accessible on AWS and in the AWS Marketplace for U.S.-based private sector companies starting in early 2024. In other news, AWS has just unveiled Amazon Q - a new generative AI-powered assistant that is made "for work" (i.e. for businesses) and can be customized to businesses' needs.