Thankful Leverages ChatGPT to Boost Customer Service Platform

AI-powered software Thankful has added OpenAI's ChatGPT technology to improve its customer service platform, specialized for the e-commerce industry, by enabling more emphatic and personal conversations with customers.

Thankful has been using its AI models to provide top-notch customer service for e-commerce and retail for the past four years. By combining these models with OpenAI's ChatGPT, Thankful has merged the advantages of generated text with the critical requirement for industry-specific information. This approach has recently been supported by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who stated that startups would start by using existing models like ChatGPT and then train their own models for each industry.

ChatGPT enhances Thankful's capability of communicating with customers in a more human-like manner, meeting customer demands for personal, relevant, accurate, and empathetic conversations.

"ChatGPT 3.5 proves that conversation is now a viable interface into any body of knowledge. This breakthrough is going to transform customer service. Thankful is leading the charge, ensuring these AI-powered conversations are more satisfying for end-customers and business-safe for brands. By being a better listener, Thankful can be a better first responder," says Ted Mico, CEO and co-founder, at Thankful.

FlowsNext, the no-code customer experience builder from Thankful, allows brands to manage their communication by combining the personalized responses from generative AI with their own guidelines and various e-commerce integrations.

"With our FlowsNext infrastructure, we give ChatGPT the tools it needs to retrieve information from backend systems, make changes to orders, and reply to customers with empathy while still perfectly enforcing policies using the brand's voice,"  said Evan Tann, CTO and co-founder, at Thankful.

Unlike other software companies that use AI to suggest responses to their human agents, Thankful directly communicates with end customers. This feature enables the platform to handle tasks such as canceling orders, providing discounts, tracking orders, reshipment, upselling inventory, etc. This eliminates repetitive tasks from the agent's workload, allowing them to focus on more important customer inquiries.

 About Thankful  

Thankful is an AI-powered software that aims to revolutionize customer support for top brands. The company's products, such as AI Customer Support Agent, provide human-like assistance in text-based communication methods to resolve customer inquiries. Thankful leverages advanced AI technology that can handle various customer support issues, like returns, exchanges, order tracking, and missing packages, among others.