Weave Launches Four New Integrations to Assist Veterinary Businesses

Weave has announced a partnership with a third-party provider to offer four new integrations for veterinary clinics to improve customer service and business management by automating and streamlining tasks.

DVMAX, V-Tech Platinum, Advantage+, and StringSoft are practice management systems used by veterinary practices throughout the United States to keep records and manage pet care. By partnering with a third-party provider to integrate with these systems, Weave aims to create a seamless experience for veterinary professionals, their staff, and clients.

“Weave’s customers love an integrated experience because it brings additional functionality and automated workflows, making the day-to-day operations of a busy clinic run smoothly. We’re excited to provide our all-in-one platform to even more veterinary practices across the U.S. through these four new integrations.” said Brett White, CEO of Weave.

Integrating Weave's platform with the four practice management systems enables veterinary practice owners to access new features and enhance client communication, and streamline administrative tasks. This includes features such as vaccination reminders, text writebacks, and CallPop, which help clinics provide a more personalized experience by syncing patient and pet owner information, client text preferences, and appointment details.

One of the features, CallPop, allows patients to call and immediately recognize pets, pet owners, species and breed, age, birth date, and vaccination information. In addition, client calls and appointments can be handled more effectively with Sync Vet and Provider Details.

Customers can benefit by viewing appointment details of a pet, as well as the type of appointment such as sick pet, consultation, vaccination, and by receiving upcoming vaccination or appointment reminders.

Moreover, a schedule that contains all the confirmed and unconfirmed appointments can quickly be filtered, allowing Weave's built-in communication tools to reach out to clients.

All of these integrations help automate administrative tasks, freeing up more time for front office staff to focus on patient care.

The newest features add to the suite of products and integrations that Weave has introduced in recent months, such as Online Scheduling & Text Connect, Review Analytics, and Insurance Verification.