AI-Enabled Brilliance: Qualtrics Presents XM/os2

Qualtrics is pulling out all the stops with AI to deliver an outstanding solution. The next generation of its platform - XM/os2 - is fully powered by AI and allows organizations to infuse empathy into every experience they deliver. XM/os2 is leveraging new generative AI capabilities along with the world's largest database of human sentiment to ensure top-notch personalized content and real-time recommendations across every product.

More than 3.5 billion conversations and interactions per year are captured and analyzed by Qualtrics. These include call center conversations, chat logs, survey responses, social media posts, and more, offering a wide range of experience profiles. This will help frontline workers become more productive as the AI takes care of numerous automated actions.

“AI’s ability to understand human emotion and continuously learn from experiences has the potential to make business more human, not less. XM/os2 brings the power of AI to every part of the Qualtrics platform, giving our customers entirely new ways to personalize experiences at scale and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers and employees,” said Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin.

At the heart of XM/os2 are three interconnected services—Experience ID, iQ, and xFlow—fully integrated with AI. Experience ID utilizes AI for auto-segmentation, grouping customers and employees into relevant segments, facilitating trend detection and targeted actions. xFlow's GPT capabilities enable automatic triggering of GPT-powered actions within existing systems.

Qualtrics' GPT-powered solutions are designed specifically for enterprise XM use cases, ensuring tailored and accurate results. The AI is trained on unique customer and employee data, industry benchmarks, and methodologies, delivering superior performance compared to generic models.

As the company prioritizes data ownership and security, XM/os2 ensures enterprise-grade security and controls, preventing sensitive customer data retention for training language models.

With the launch of XM/os2, Qualtrics is investing $500 million in AI innovation over the next four years.

Frontline teams uplifted

Qualtrics FrontlineXM introduces groundbreaking generative AI innovations that elevate the productivity of support agents and enhance their ability to resolve customer issues with increased empathy and efficiency.

Through Qualtrics ExperienceID (XiD), agents receive personalized responses based on individual customer profiles. At the same time, frontline managers can swiftly address customer feedback across various channels like review sites and social media while considering each customer's unique history with the company and the appropriate tone for each interaction.

Real-Time Agent Assist employs AI to extract key information from ongoing service conversations, offering agents prescriptive steps tailored to address each caller's needs, emotions, and prior interactions with the company. Finally, new AI capabilities are also part of Qualtrics Automated Call Summaries. These automatically summarize calls and let agents quickly generate support tickets, send personalized follow-up emails, and update support knowledge base articles through historical customer data from XiD.

What's in it for the managers?

XM for People Teams, Qualtrics's employee engagement software, is there to help managers level up by utilizing AI to capture and process both structured and unstructured employee feedback. Through generative AI capabilities, the platform automatically summarizes employee feedback and behavior data, providing insights into their well-being. This continuous signal empowers managers to understand their employees' sentiments and offer personalized support.

Gone are static dashboards as Qualtrics Manager Assist now offers AI-powered coaching tailored to survey results, open-text comments, and continuous listening data, making managers more effective leaders.

Furthermore, the platform's predictive AI capabilities analyze behavior data to identify teams at risk of attrition within the next six months. By surfacing the potential reasons for employee departures, managers and HR leaders can proactively improve employee intent-to-stay, fostering a more engaged and stable workforce.

Driving Action through accessible Research Hub and Video Feedback

Qualtricshas also introduced AI-powered innovations into its Research Hub. The solution consolidates vast data points from brand studies, customer feedback, market data, and more into an intelligent search, enabling team members to access research effortlessly. With the addition of generative AI, anyone, from researchers to product managers, can pose questions to Research Hub and receive instant insights and answers.

When it comes to Qualtrics Video Feedback, it is now able to capture six times more content than traditional open-end text responses. By analyzing facial expressions and tone of voice, the platform gains deeper insights. With the help of new AI capabilities, Qualtrics Video Feedback identifies key trends, quotes, and insights from customers' video feedback, generating easy-to-understand summaries to be quickly shared across the entire organization.


The current availability levels of all the capabilities vary. Capabilities that are available today to all customers include GPT capabilities in xFlow, while auto segmentation capabilities in XiD and generative AI-powered conversational experience capabilities are available in private beta.

Qualtrics XM Video Feedback automated summary capabilities are available for early access customers and will be generally available middle of August 2023.

New generative AI capabilities in Qualtrics Frontline Team Assist, Automated Call Summaries, Real-Time Agent Assist, and Qualtrics Research Hub will be generally available in 2024.

New AI capabilities in Qualtrics Manager Assist are available in private beta.