UJET and Google Cloud Launch UJET WFM

UJET has partnered with Google Cloud to launch UJET WFM, a workforce management suite for the contact center industry. The suite includes business intelligence solutions, such as accurate forecasting, scheduling, and real-time adherence monitoring, which can enhance the performance and satisfaction of remote contact center agents, as well as improve the overall customer experience. The suite is available natively within the Google Cloud Contact Center AI Platform.

UJET WFM provides contact center leaders with advanced forecasting and actionable insights to help them adapt to changing operational requirements and effectively manage their staff. This includes intraday performance changes that can be tailored to a contact center's specific needs.

“Managing a contact center has become much more complex in recent years due to the rise and proliferation of a distributed workforce, resulting in the need for more innovative workforce management tools. UJET WFM powers the modern-day contact center with real-time data and analytics to optimize staffing, support omnichannel workflows, reduce manual labor and strengthen agent satisfaction. We’re excited to offer these capabilities, both to our customers and to Contact Center AI Platform customers, as they seek to streamline operations and improve their customer and agent experiences,” said Vasili Triant, Chief Operating Officer at UJET.

UJET WFM replaces disparate systems and tools, allowing service leaders to streamline their resource management and enhance service levels while also reducing inconvenience and frustration for customers.

Key features

Intelligent Forecasting enables contact center leaders to generate precise predictions of customer demand to help make informed staffing decisions.

Scheduling Your Way allows for automated scheduling based on anticipated customer demand while enabling agents to select their shifts based on their current availability.

Multi-Modal Support enables forecasting and scheduling within a single, user-friendly platform which is simple to implement and offers intraday flexibility.

UJET WFM minimizes complexities by giving access to various components, including data, analytics, trends, meetings, and scheduling, all in one solution. This eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets to manage the contact center workforce.

The solution provides consistent real-time monitoring to compare agent scheduling with agent behavior to offer quick implementation and scalability, enabling businesses to deploy the solution within weeks, regardless of the number of agents.

“The interest and adoption we’ve seen over the last year with Contact Center AI Platform from our customers has been incredibly strong. Our customers are gaining significant operational efficiencies from the platform but forecasting and scheduling are still frequently manual processes. With Contact Center AI Platform + WFM, we will help them become even more efficient, while also harnessing business intelligence to improve their customer experience as well,” said Yariv Adan, Director of Cloud Conversational AI, Google Cloud.

In December last year, UJET launched UJET Connect, a new feature that enables customers to transition to the UJET cloud platform seamlessly.