UKG Brings New Multi-Country Payroll Solution

UKG unveiled UKG One View at the HR Technology Conference and Expo, a multi-country payroll solution that is set to transform the way multinational organizations handle employee compensation on a global scale, ensuring fairness, accuracy, and efficiency.

“We are giving UKG customers the power to design a multi-country payroll model without having to compromise on the data, visibility, and efficiency that running a business in 2024 and beyond demands. One View is purpose-built to sit on top of any payroll and any funding method while providing a crystal-clear view across payroll globally,” said Richard Limpkin, Vice President of Multi-Country Payroll Solutions at UKG.

Stay local, act global

The solution is a unified, AI-driven platform that spans workforce scheduling to payroll funding, streamlining the process. Additionally, it provides continuous validation to ensure accuracy and compliance with payroll regulations, regardless of where employees are located worldwide.

One View enables organizations to keep their preferred local payroll providers while achieving global implementation in as little as five weeks with its hybrid deployment option.

Moreover, the solution offers a standardized workflow control presented in a single, easily accessible interface, ensuring consistent operational procedures across the globe, simplified performance benchmarks, and reinforced accountability for in-country payroll providers.

The user-friendly One View application covers over 160 countries, offering all employees a uniform, people-focused experience, regardless of their work location.

“Being a great workplace goes well beyond simply getting payroll right. It means providing all people with the same exceptional experience, no matter where they live or what they do. One View, like all UKG solutions, supports both people and businesses in order to help everyone be more successful together,” said Hugo Sarrazin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at UKG.

At the end of last year, UKG partnered with Phenom to include certifications for Job Sync and Hosted Apply, improving the candidate experience by streamlining the application process.