Yum! Brands Integrates Treasure Data’s AI-Driven CDP to Enhance Engagement and Loyalty

Quick-service restaurant company Yum! Brands has taken a significant step in improving the digital experiences of its customers by choosing Treasure Data as its Customer Data Platform provider. This strategic decision aims to boost customer acquisition, foster growth, and improve customer retention for the company.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) often have unidentified customers in their database, and personalizing marketing efforts to these individuals is crucial for fostering brand loyalty and increasing visit frequency. With Treasure Data's advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, QSRs can gain valuable insights and generate customized content that resonates with customers.

The Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud platform is specifically designed to integrate and consolidate first-party, second-party, and third-party data, providing a comprehensive customer profile across multiple brands. This data integration and enrichment process facilitates the discovery of unknown customer segments and allows for a centralized view of customer data across all Yum! Brands concepts.

“This is the latest advancement in our strategy to drive toward enhanced digital experiences and deliver exceptional value to our customers, as the Company remains focused on our vision to have 100% of sales powered by digital. Treasure Data’s state-of-the-art CDP solution brings unparalleled capabilities to unify, manage and activate customer data across our four brands and third-party platforms, empowering our ability to gain deep insights into customer behavior and preferences. This CDP solution will enhance both our understanding and engagement with Yum!’s customers, ultimately driving more personalized and unique interactions,” said Cameron Davies, Chief Data Officer, Yum! Brands.

Yum! Brands is investing in technology to enhance customer experiences, streamline restaurant operations, and gain valuable insights to drive substantial growth. The company's approach involves developing proprietary solutions, acquiring relevant technologies, or partnering with strategic third-party providers. While Yum! Brands aims to maintain ownership of most of its tech solutions; it selectively collaborates with trusted partners like Treasure Data. This collaboration will leverage AI-driven predictions to effectively engage with customers through loyalty programs across all Yum! Brands. The goal is to deliver personalized campaigns and experiences that offer the right incentives at the most opportune moments, ensuring customers receive tailored offers and experiences.