Uniphore Debuts U-Capture: Assisting Enterprises with Advanced Data Solutions 

Uniphore has introduced U-Capture, a unique enterprise AI solution capable of collecting structured and unstructured data while ensuring complete data ownership. This enables automation, data analysis, and the execution of tasks across interconnected applications within a single platform.

This new offering complements Uniphore's existing suite of AI solutions, including generative AI, emotion AI, knowledge AI, and workforce automation, all integrated within the Uniphore X-Platform.

“Enterprise leaders are in the race to plan for and implement strategic AI initiatives that will transform their business. Now more than ever, staying ahead of the game requires an aggressive approach to innovation focused on bringing value to customers as quickly as possible. Uniphore blends our own internal innovations with those acquired through our strong M&A strategy to deliver solutions across our X Platform that transform both customer and employee experiences,” said Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore.

Following its acquisition of Red Box in early 2023, Uniphore has unveiled U-Capture, a product demonstrating its commitment to an inclusive customer-focused innovation approach, combining its in-house developments with acquired technologies. These innovations are seamlessly integrated into Uniphore's X Platform, an advanced AI platform designed to enhance the comprehension and response to conversations involving customers and employees throughout the enterprise.

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U-Capture enables customers to effortlessly retrieve historical and real-time conversation data, harness the power of AI to extract valuable insights, and ultimately enhance the quality of interactions.

Businesses can now access their AI-ready data instantly during and after calls. This capability supports various business and compliance requirements, facilitating the automation and analysis of every conversation while ensuring complete data ownership and robust security measures.

U-Capture features  

U-Capture offers Open APIs, enabling enterprises to have complete control and access to their data through APIs, ensuring flexibility and customization. It allows for the easy deployment of data capture and streaming in cloud and hybrid environments, providing adaptability to various setups.

Capture functionality is now integrated into a consistent enterprise architecture, ensuring unmatched reliability and consistency.

Moreover, U-Capture provides a containerized compute footprint that can lead to a 90% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), resulting in significant cost savings. It can record voice and capture data across both modern and legacy telephony systems, ensuring compatibility with various communication setups.  

Latest offerings for Q for Sales 

The solution now analyzes meetings using verbal, tonal, and visual cues, providing sellers with three times more insights than previous versions.

Uniphore has extended governance capabilities to cover coaching and collaboration at the Meeting, Deal, and Team levels, ensuring a comprehensive approach to team improvement. The platform allows seamless sharing of clips and playlists, promoting team collaboration through integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Additionally, Uniphore's AI identifies content that elicits positive and negative reactions from buyers, aiding sales teams in refining their messaging and content strategy.

The company has also introduced an empathy coach feature to enhance seller awareness about empathy's impact on revenue and how to adapt based on buyer reactions. This helps create more empathetic and effective interactions with customers.

Additional updates to other applications   

Enhanced U-Assist Summary: Uniphore's flagship agent assist solution, U-Assist, now includes an improved summary feature. This feature utilizes natural language generation and transformer models to create summaries for every chat and voice interaction, even when they involve multiple intents and dispositions.

U-Assist Intent Training: This feature enables business analysts to define intents and link them to workflows, streamlining, deploying, creating, and customizing agent-assisted interactions.

U-Self Serve Context Switching: Enhanced context switching empowers virtual agents to maintain the original context of conversations, which is crucial for efficient issue resolution.

U-Self Serve Proactive Outreach: This functionality allows customers to proactively engage with their customer base. It's especially useful for tasks like placing urgent orders and debt recovery, providing step-by-step guidance to customers.