Zoom Enters the WFM Space with a New Solution

Zoom has unveiled an innovative workforce management solution that offers customer support leaders a seamless way to manage their contact center agents without the usual scheduling nightmares. Leaders can accurately determine the required number of agents, optimize their schedules, assess workload manageability, and track agent productivity effectively.

This solution ensures an improved customer experience by enabling leaders to make informed decisions and maintain service benchmarks. Moreover, amidst the challenges posed by the Great Resignation and hybrid team structures, customer support leaders can keep their teams engaged, reduce attrition, and navigate high turnover rates in the industry with ease.

Zoom Workforce Management is the first offering from the company's Workforce Engagement Management suite that can streamline communications, manage agent needs, and elevate the customer experience, all from a single, unified platform.

Creating a unified approach to customer experience  

Zoom's workforce management software is a valuable addition to its customer experience solutions, complementing its omnichannel contact center and AI-powered virtual assistant. By streamlining forecasting and predicting agent workload, it ensures agents are content and capable of delivering positive customer interactions. With CX, EX, and WFM integrated, organizations can create a unified approach to customer experience that resonates throughout the entire company, not just the contact center. Zoom's move to include WFM in its platform aligns with this transformative mindset, focusing on the ABCs of CX: agent, business, and customer outcomes.

Right agent, right time  

The workforce management software is designed to optimize employee deployment in three crucial areas: forecasting, scheduling, and intraday management. The solution ensures that the right agents are available at the right time, leading to improved efficiency and better customer experiences.

Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning models, the software allows customers to access data directly from Zoom Contact Center to forecast call volume and call handling time. This enables the planning and scheduling workforce efficiently for up to four weeks in advance. By analyzing historical trends, including peak periods and holidays, one can accurately determine future staffing requirements.

Building optimized schedules 

When it comes to schedule planning, Zoom Workforce Management seamlessly integrates forecasted data from Zoom Contact Center, enabling the generation of recurring schedules with ease. With dedicated modules, leaders can efficiently track the agents' activities, manage their work shifts, schedule different groups, and create flexible schedules—all within a single application.

Adherence metrics 

Zoom Workforce Management offers adherence metrics, providing a quick view of agents' performance in real-time, with insights on out-of-adherence instances in increments of < 1 minute, 1-5 minutes, and > 5 minutes. Users like My Plan Manager, a plan management services provider, experienced newfound efficiencies during Beta testing. The real-time adherence tool is powerful and user-friendly, enabling quick decision-making and eliminating the need for extra reports or complex navigation.