ZoomRx Unveils Ferma, the AI-Powered Platform Aiding Life Sciences Professionals

Global life sciences consulting company ZoomRx has announced the launch of Ferma, an innovative AI-powered conversational platform, designed specifically for professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device sectors.

The primary objective of Ferma is to provide quick and precise responses to a wide range of queries related to the life sciences industry, with the aim of elevating decision-making processes and improving overall efficiency for individuals and organizations operating in life sciences.

“To date, the use of AI-driven language models within the life sciences has been severely limited by important concerns around accuracy and data security. With the launch of Ferma, we have overcome these barriers and provided life sciences professionals with an intelligent, trustworthy ally that can provide fully sourced and confidential insights on any life sciences topic in an instant,” said Sriram Subramanian, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, ZoomRx.

Ferma provides accuracy and up-to-date access 

Ferma ensures accuracy by relying solely on real-world data and providing hyperlinked citations for every answer. In addition, the platform possesses an exceptional understanding of the language in the field of life sciences through the utilization of ZoomRx's advanced and extensively tested knowledge graph.

The platform provides users with extensive and up-to-date access to vital sources of life sciences data. This includes a vast range of resources, such as over 4 million scientific publications, 190,000 clinical trials, 10,000 earnings call transcripts, 105,000 press releases, and many other valuable information repositories.

Furthermore, Ferma excels at streamlining complex questions by breaking them into manageable components and providing users with a transparent and step-by-step view of its reasoning processes.

“The key barrier in life sciences today is not generating high quality data, but in synthesizing the massive amount of available data into useful insights. By empowering professionals with instant access to accurate and reliable information, Ferma is helping to usher in a new era of informed decisions and unprecedented efficiency,” says Vivek Mathivanan, Associate Director, Ferma.

This comprehensive platform aims to boost the efficiency and productivity of its users. Previously time-consuming tasks of searching across multiple data sources for answers to questions can now be accomplished with just a click. Furthermore, users have the convenience of exporting their Ferma conversations to any PowerPoint template, enabling seamless integration into their future presentations.