Hotjar Acquires User Research Platform PingPong

Product experience insights platform Hotjar has acquired the user research platform PingPong to help companies understand their customers' needs and make better products.

The acquisition will integrate Pingpong into the Hotjar platform, turning it into Hotjar Engage, a new capability that lets companies automate the user research process which is a core component of product development.

Hotjar customers will be able to recruit the right users from their own network or from Hotjar’s pool of over 175,000 verified respondents. Through interviews and surveys, companies can focus on spotting key insights and pain points while Engage seamlessly hosts, records, and transcribes calls.

"This integration adds a critical layer of insight to product development strategy: directly testing your product face-to-face with the people who matter the most, the end users. It also allows product teams to add value by finding opportunities, sorting the data, and acting upon it quickly," said Mohannad Ali, CEO of Hotjar, a Contentsquare company.

Engage joins Hotjar’s existing products - Ask (Surveys and Feedback) and Observe (Heatmaps and Recordings) - which are part of the Product Experience Insights platform.

Hotjar says more than a million websites use its software to provide quantitative and qualitative data to product teams in 180+ countries.

The platform's data seamlessly integrates with a host of apps via Zapier, including Asana, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce.

"PingPong and Hotjar share a vision for the future of product experience and that is to give every business the power to create online experiences people love. We're excited to join the Hotjar team and look forward to what the future holds as we continue to build innovative solutions that help product teams around the world better understand, empathize with, and speak to their users," said Zsolt Kocsmarszky, Founder and CEO of PingPong.

Back in July 2021, digital experience solutions vendor Contentsquare acquired Hotjar to incorporate business insights into its portfolio. After raising $600 million in a Series F funding round in July 2022, Contentsquare is valued at $5.6 billion.