Qualtrics Integrates with WorkJam to Enhance Frontline Employee Experiences

Qualtrics has partnered with WorkJam, a digital frontline workplace company, to enhance the experiences of frontline employees. This collaboration leverages Qualtrics' conversational intelligence technology and integrates it with WorkJam's versatile app designed for frontline workers to provide businesses with real-time insights into the concerns, needs, and priorities of their frontline workforce.

According to the Qualtrics XM Institute, customer experiences related to factors like efficiency, friendliness, and order accuracy are closely tied to employees' sense of connection and trust among themselves, with senior leadership, and with the company's overarching mission and values. Qualtrics has previously launched multiple offerings, such as Qualtrics Pulse and Customer Journey Optimizer, showing its dedication to employee feedback and satisfaction.

“Frontline employees have the biggest impact on how customers engage with a business, so it’s critical to understand the issues and challenges that affect their workplace sentiment. We’re proud to partner with Qualtrics to enable global enterprises to better understand what’s happening on their front lines and create winning strategies that enhance both the employee and customer experience,” said Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam.

Prominent global enterprises already benefit from WorkJam's technology, which equips their frontline workers with digital tools for schedule management, task handling, access to training, career development opportunities, and communication with colleagues.

Gaining deeper insights into employee sentiment  

Customers leveraging WorkJam and Qualtrics can harness Qualtrics' conversational intelligence capabilities to analyze unstructured experience data from sources such as WorkJam's employee communication and training modules. This analysis helps organizations gain deeper insights into the thoughts and emotions of their frontline employees and stay informed about important topics that might need leadership attention.

For instance, Qualtrics AI can highlight emerging issues in a store related to launching a new product or identify high-performing employees who deserve recognition for their exceptional work. This provides store managers with valuable insights that can enhance engagement, productivity, and overall efficiency among their frontline staff.

“Organizations build trust with frontline employees and encourage life-long customers by listening and taking action on feedback in the moment, across every frontline touchpoint. Our partnership with WorkJam will put the power of experience management in the hands of the people who have the greatest impact on the customer and employee experience, the frontline teams responsible for the human touchpoints a customer has with a company,said Brad Anderson, President of Product and Engineering, Qualtrics.

Additionally, this partnership enables mutual customers to initiate tasks within the WorkJam app through Qualtrics CustomerXM. An example involves a convenience store chain with over 40,000 employees. They strategically placed QR codes in their stores, allowing customers to easily provide feedback through a Qualtrics survey using their smartphones.

Leaders can swiftly address issues and gain valuable insights by facilitating a platform for both frontline employees and the customers they serve to express their ideas, concerns, and general feedback.