’s Latest Solution to Transform Sales Strategies with Generative AI introduced SalesAI, a comprehensive generative AI sales solution transforming how business leaders approach revenue generation, team organization, coaching, and market strategies. SalesAI streamlines manual processes and daily tasks, equips sales professionals for customer interactions, accelerates pipeline development, and provides actionable coaching guidance.

The solution helps sales representatives focus primarily on engaging with customers, enables sales leaders to efficiently lead larger and more complex teams to achieve success, and provides executives with a clearer and unobstructed insight into the dynamics of their most critical customer relationships.

SalesAi follows's strategic partnership with Microsoft, enabling B2B sales professionals to enhance their productivity and sales effectiveness.

"We are at an inflection point in the evolution of enterprise sales. The future of what's possible in terms of productivity, leadership effectiveness, and speed to value for organizations starts right now with generative AI. SalesAI is a game-changer for leaders at every level because of its ability to inspect for risks and inefficiencies standing in the way of generating more revenue and see around the corner to what's coming next. Organizations that adopt generative AI technology now will reach new heights in terms of team performance, customer experiences, and competitiveness in their market. Those that don't risk being left behind," says Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO at

Seamlessly integrated into products, SalesAI delivers the benefits of generative AI and improved data directly into customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email inboxes, collaboration tools, and wherever sales teams operate. It's also accessible via API, allowing organizations to incorporate SalesAI into their business intelligence tools, private language models, and AI assistants.

SalesAI enhances visibility and enables revenue growth  

SalesAi provides business leaders with a clear and comprehensive view of their organization and customer relationships, eliminating blind spots. It also offers proactive guidance for optimizing sales leadership across larger teams and replicating the success of top-performing sales representatives.

Moreover, the offering assists in constructing the ideal buying group for each deal by offering buyer benchmarks and insights. It helps proactively identify inefficiencies and risks across teams, accounts, and opportunities.

SalesAI streamlines and automates various day-to-day tasks, including Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), account planning, forecasting, and preparation for customer meetings. This allows sales teams to allocate more time to selling and, consequently, shortens the time required to close deals.

Finally, the solution seamlessly integrates into the everyday tools used by Go-To-Market (GTM) teams, such as CRMs and popular communication and collaboration applications, enhancing the value of existing technology investments.