Aisera Incorporates Latest Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Capabilities into its Platform

Aisera has teamed up with Microsoft to offer an AI copilot for enterprise service experiences. This partnership builds upon Aisera's existing collaboration with Microsoft and incorporates the latest generative AI capabilities from Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service into Aisera's AI Service Experience Platform (AISX). This allows enterprises to benefit from Aisera's domain-specific large language models, unsupervised AI, generative AI, AI workflows, and orchestration bot engine to reduce expenses, enhance user productivity, and increase revenue.

"The AI race is on and we're leveraging our long-standing relationship with Microsoft – a company at the helm of AI and cloud innovation – to enhance Aisera's domain-specific generative AI service experience solutions. Together with Microsoft, we are delivering the most advanced customer services, employee services, operations services, and contact center services in the industry," said Muddu Sudhakar, CEO and co-founder, Aisera.

Today, organizations need to execute tasks and processes with fewer resources and smaller budgets while still meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs).To help with this challenge, Aisera and Microsoft have partnered to offer AI copilot capabilities that can help enterprises enhance self-service options, boost productivity, and engage with users proactively while reducing resolution times and improving personalization.

"Aisera is helping to bring the capabilities of Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, including ChatGPT, to critically important enterprise functions. Aisera and Microsoft are two organizations committed to creating solutions that are scalable, easy to deploy, and designed to deliver revolutionary end-to-end experiences. By working together, we can ensure more enterprises leverage the power of generative AI to reduce operating costs, modernize business models, and grow revenue opportunities," said Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President, Azure AI Platform, Microsoft.

Aisera's AI-powered suite of solutions  

Aisera has developed a conversational dialogue engine that leverages user-behavioral data to provide a user experience that mimics human interactions with the speed and efficiency of automation. This helps organizations manage the high volume of user requests and inquiries they receive.

The company offers Enterprise Domain Packs (EDPs), industry-specific Large Language Models (LLMs), and a global taxonomy and ontology library that can be quickly deployed to optimize AI bots for various organizations. In addition, Aisera provides an AI workflow orchestration engine that triggers an automated process by integrating with various Microsoft tools like Teams, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365, leading to high-resolution rates of 75% or greater for customers.

Aisera combines its proprietary verticalized and domain-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) with Azure OpenAI Service to provide an AI copilot that is proactive, personalized, and predictive. Its AI Service Experience Platform incorporates various modules such as AI Service Desk, AI Customer Service, AIOps, and AI Contact to cater to both B2B and B2C organizations with over 100 million global users.

Powered by conversational and generative AI models, Aisera's platform automates requests, tasks, actions, and workflows across departments like IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Operations, providing various business needs with a comprehensive solution.

Similarly, CallMiner has expanded its use of Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to upgrade its AI offering and meet the demand of its customers.