CallMiner Leverages Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to Boost AI Offering

CallMiner has expanded its use of Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to upgrade its AI offering and meet the demand of its customers.

As a Microsoft partner, CallMiner has already been extensively using Microsoft Azure AI technology. However, this move will allow the company to access early-release versions of OpenAI models in Azure OpenAI along with Azure Speech to Text and, that way, offer customers the latest machine learning capabilities. In 2021, CallMiner made its conversation analytics platform Eureka available to Microsoft Azure Speech to Text customers as an out-of-the-box solution for faster time to value.

“AI and machine learning has always been at the core of the CallMiner platform. By combining the expertise of CallMiner’s world-class data science team and platform with the power of Microsoft Azure, we’re staying on the cutting-edge of AI in the conversation intelligence market. As we continue to grow our footprint as a Microsoft partner, we’re helping more organizations uncover deeper insights and intelligence from their customer interactions than ever before,” said Jeff Gallino, CTO at CallMiner.

According to the release, the two companies are "enabling joint customers to drive systemic change" by bringing closer customer intelligence that helps data-driven business decisions.

Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based artificial intelligence services that contain, among others, speech, vision, and language APIs. These APIs allow developers to build cognitive features into applications without having direct AI or data science expertise.

“AI continues to reshape applications at Microsoft and in our partner ecosystems. As one of the top users of Microsoft Azure AI technology, CallMiner is delivering an innovative platform that adds significant value to our shared customers. I look forward to building on our collaboration and expanding these benefits to more organizations across a range of industries,” said John Montgomery, Corporate Vice President, AI Platform, Microsoft.

CallMiner is no stranger to the latest advancement in AI. The company has recently added two capabilities that use Large Language Models (LLMs) and machine learning to improve operational efficiency in handling customer interactions. CallMiner's AI-powered conversation intelligence platform is a product of vast experience and innovation, helping organizations increase ROI through contact center efficiency, customer experience, and business performance improvement.