Khoros Customer Care Cloud Merges Bots, Service Knowledge and Agent Support

Khoros has introduced its next-gen Khoros Customer Care Cloud, a technology that merges bots, self-service knowledge, and agent support into a conversational customer experience. Powered by GenAI and automation, this platform aims to deliver the best answers and information to customers, enhancing issue resolution rates and customer satisfaction.

"Today marks a pivotal moment for the future of customer service, and for our company. The Khoros Customer Care Cloud is not just promising efficiency. We're creating a paradigm shift where it’s feasible that up to 80% of customer problems can be resolved without a single agent, while delivering a game-changing self-service customer experience. This represents not just an evolution in customer service, but a shift that will make self-service the preferred option and deliver massive contact center savings. The platform will be the culmination of years of innovation, and a testament to the transformative power of generative AI combined with our enterprise-class digital customer engagement suite. I'm incredibly excited about this next frontier for our customers and for Khoros," said Chris Tranquill, CEO of Khoros.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, customers expect rapid and convenient service and prefer self-service options. Despite this trend, 67% of global customer inquiries still necessitate agent intervention, resulting in substantial expenses for businesses. Agent interactions are costly, dwarfing the expenses associated with self-service options by a significant margin.

By integrating GenAI with real-world conversation data, a robust orchestration framework, and omni-channel engagement tools, Khoros introduces self-service, automated care that scales efficiently, reducing the time and manpower required for development. Khoros empowers leading brands to compile extensive repositories of authentic, detailed data concerning their products, services, customers, and key topics.

As every customer interaction holds the potential to shape brand perception, the Khoros Customer Care Cloud sets a new standard for customer care, bridging the gap between service and commerce journeys. It transcends mere issue resolution, focusing on anticipating customer needs, scaling service to unprecedented levels, and ushering in a new era of satisfaction, efficiency, and profitability.

Not too long ago, Khoros launched a new version of the Khoros Communities solution which makes it easier for companies to build brand-owned places for their customers to engage, self-service, and collaborate with each other on products, services, and experiences.