Alida and Discuss Partner to Elevate CX Research Possibilities 

Alida has strengthened its partnership with Discuss, a market research platform, to enhance Alida's qualitative research solutions for its clientele. Through this partnership, Alida will leverage Discuss' moderator capabilities, extending the scope of its managed services related to its Video Discussions product.

“Businesses are consolidating and the pressure to do more with less has never been higher. By deepening our relationship with Discuss and integrating their advanced moderator capabilities to our extensive qualitative offerings, brands have the power to scale faster, gather richer insights, all while saving time and money. This latest enhancement to our Video Discussions product serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, empowering businesses to excel in an ever-evolving market,” said Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida.

Alida's customers now have an expanded array of choices for a comprehensive managed video feedback solution. This solution already encompasses access to qualitative experts who handle the entire spectrum of tasks, from platform setup and logistical execution to program design, moderation, and analysis. This is particularly beneficial for customers with limited time or resources to independently initiate a comprehensive qualitative research initiative. The deepened collaboration with Discuss introduces further possibilities for holistic support, streamlining CX research efforts and rendering them even more impactful.

As consumer preferences continuously shift, businesses require a means to gain profound insights into their customers and integrate this feedback into strategic decision-making processes. Alida's Video Discussions solution helps organizations host virtual focus groups and in-depth interviews with customers, utilizing cutting-edge generative AI technology. Unlike relying solely on numerical data, Video Discussions enable companies to conduct qualitative research on a larger scale, fostering authentic connections, establishing trust, and achieving a deeper comprehension of customer experiences.

Through precise targeting and engagement of the right audiences at opportune moments, made possible by utilizing highly profiled and opted-in community members, enterprises can forge stronger bonds with their customers. This approach leads to the accumulation of invaluable insights, enriching their business strategies.

In May, Alida unveiled new features in the latest release of its Total Experience Management (TXM) platform.