Alida Unveils Spring 2023 Release of its TXM Platform

Alida has unveiled new features in the latest release of its Total Experience Management (TXM) platform. The Spring 2023 product release includes innovative capabilities that aim to improve customer connections, especially with those who are difficult to reach. One of the enhancements is the addition of mobile feedback capabilities, enabling organizations to gather feedback from customers through channels that are most convenient for them.

“Consumer needs are changing faster than ever before. If organizations want to keep pace, they need to leverage CX tools that meet customers where they are. Today’s release unlocks new and timely ways to engage with consumers, allowing organizations to take action faster on in-moment customer feedback to make impactful business decisions,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products & Engineering, Alida.

The Spring 2023 product release enables Alida customers to:

Engage with community members via new mobile app 

Organizations can expand their reach and maintain their presence among their community members by providing them with the flexibility to engage on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they want. With a mobile app, respondents and community members can easily provide feedback on various aspects, such as product prototypes and visuals, as well as answer Quick Polls in the same way they would on a desktop.

Provide context to mobile app reviews with new social listening capabilities

To improve user experience, remove friction, and increase mobile app usage, it is important to track user feedback and remove any obstacles they encounter. By incorporating feedback from multiple sources, such as community panels and surveys, organizations can gain a holistic understanding of the end-to-end customer experience and contextualize app reviews.

Additionally, to showcase the business value of mobile app improvements, it is essential to link mobile app reviews with metrics such as customer satisfaction, referrals, subscriptions, and spending. This allows organizations to demonstrate the measurable impact of app improvements on their overall business performance.

Integrating with Alida's Social Review suite allows the monitoring and analyzing feedback from various app review platforms and user reviews of products and brick-and-mortar locations, all from a single dashboard.

By integrating with existing workflows, users can promptly respond to reviews, gather more information, resolve support issues, and ultimately show their customers that their feedback is being heard and valued.

Boost overall engagement through improvements to multi-channel surveys 

Embedding surveys directly into mobile apps, mobile websites, or other mobile devices streamlines the process of sharing feedback for customers, partners, or employees. Moreover, the chances of getting valuable insights are increased by customizing questions to suit different user segments and setting a limit on how often surveys are presented.

Alida's users can customize subsequent questions based on how customers have interacted and answered previous survey questions. Additionally, they can space out survey questions across multiple sessions to avoid overwhelming users.

Organizations can quickly engage with mobile-first Community segments by using SMS-based activities, as well as easily track the usage of quotas for SMS-based surveys to better manage campaigns and prevent respondents from being overwhelmed.

Have more control  over survey design and analysis for new insights and  faster results

Customers can make better decisions with Analytics dashboards that allow them to stream multiple data sources in real-time.

In February this year, Alida launched its Winter 2023 product release,  which included enhanced personalization, reporting, and privacy features.