SuccessKPI Launches Unified Data & Reporting Solution for Zoom Contact Center Users

SuccessKPI has launched its Unified Data & Reporting solution explicitly tailored for Zoom Contact Center users to provide a comprehensive suite of reporting, analytics, AI, and ML capabilities.

"Achieving an excellent and differentiated CX requires clear, comprehensible insights of contact center performance and the ability to take action in real time. Zoom is among the most popular and versatile CCaaS and UCaaS platforms, and together we can help reveal powerful and useful insights for supervisors, executives, and customer service agents," said Dave Rennyson, CEO of SuccessKPI.

The collaboration between SuccessKPI and Zoom enables seamless integration across Zoom Contact Center, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Phone platforms, granting users a holistic view of their Zoom ecosystem. With over 20 prebuilt reports and dashboards, the Unified Data & Reporting solution equips contact center operators with actionable insights to drive agent training, enhance customer experience, and facilitate informed decision-making.

Back in October, SuccessKPI joined Zoom in launching the ISV Exchange Program, seamlessly integrating partner offerings directly into the Zoom platform.

Facilitating data flow  

Through a "no code" integration approach, the integration streamlines swift data flow from account activation to reporting. Users benefit from immediate access to key metrics such as call abandonment rates, agent performance metrics, and customer journey analysis without requiring extensive configuration.

Zoom Contact Center complements the SuccessKPI offering by enabling businesses to interact with customers seamlessly across various channels, including voice, live chat, SMS, social media, and video. This unified communications platform fosters prompt, personalized interactions to bolster customer loyalty while facilitating collaboration between contact center staff and back-office experts.

"SuccessKPI's Unified Data & Reporting solution delivers the flexibility and views that our enterprise customers need to manage CX and to identify areas of performance strength as well as areas needing improvement," said Kentis Gopalla, Head of Phone and Contact Center Product Ecosystem at Zoom.

SuccessKPI's solution adds a layer of secure management, providing a centralized hub for data integration, customization of views and metrics, and blending third-party data with Zoom's suite of communication tools. This ensures a unified data layer, actionable insights, and robust security measures, including data partitioning and role-based access controls, to safeguard sensitive information and uphold privacy standards across global contact centers.