Alida Fall 2022 Product Release Brings Conversational Surveys

Alida has delivered its Fall 2022 product release which includes dozens of new features and a new product - Conversational Surveys - to help drive customer engagement through interactive feedback.

The improvements aim to enable organizations to strengthen customer loyalty and increase business performance.

“Today’s release continues to show Alida’s innovative promise and further strengthens our place as a visionary leader in the customer experience market. In today’s climate, it’s imperative that businesses leverage tools that allow them to meet their customers faster where they are. With Alida’s latest product, Conversational Surveys, companies can easily engage with customers via SMS in a conversational style,” said Riaz Riahan, President of Products and Engineering, Alida.

The Fall 2022 product release enhances Alida's total experience management platform through new Surveys and Community capabilities.

Customers using Alida's TMX platform can now leverage tools like a highlighter, media player, and multiple choice grids in tables to enhance the response experience in Surveys and Community sections.

In addition, respondents can provide feedback in their preferred language, enabling more people to access valuable information. The latest language Alida added to the language selection menu is Catalan.

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The platform can also automatically detect device language through Mobile App and translate all non-user generated content into multiple languages.

On the admin side of the platform, the new enhancements allow for the development and distribution of numerous communications across multiple segments and markets within Community. This way admins do not need to create individual invitations and reminders to reach distributed communities.

Leveraging new data filters like digital channels or devices, brands can gain more granular insights and identify trends through Surveys and Community Reports.

Conversational Surveys

The Fall release brings a new product from Alida, Conversational Surveys, which lets brands easily engage with customers via SMS.

Because they are delivered via SMS, Conversational Surveys can reach more customers and increase completion rates, unlocking new insights.

Engaging with customers via SMS enables brands to analyze and interact with customers through a conversational style and get them to open up about their experiences without the pressure of being interviewed.