Alida Boosts TXM Platform with New Innovations

Alida has launched its latest Winter 2023 product release. This move includes new advancements in its Total Experience Management (TXM) platform that improves the relationship between businesses and their customers by providing enhanced personalization, reporting, and privacy features.

“Today, as businesses navigate through economic headwinds, it’s imperative that they comprehend their customers’ emotions behind purchase decisions, deciding whether to be part of a community, or in staying loyal to the brand. With Alida’s enhanced TXM platform, organizations can better understand how customers think and feel, build personal connections with them, and meet their evolving needs,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products & Engineering, Alida.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

The Winter 2023 product release offers Alida’s customers the following:

  • New personalization capabilities that will meet customers' needs

The capabilities conduct targeted and personalized surveys on digital assets to gather detailed feedback from customers.

In addition, it adapts the survey content and language to suit the customer's location, industry, and other characteristics.

  • New reporting capabilities that may improve the emotional understanding of customers

These capabilities allow consistent evaluation of customer opinions across various survey formats, including video responses.

Also, it can analyze and present complex data clearly and straightforwardly, with advanced visualizations and options for sharing with relevant parties, as well as obtain more in-depth customer feedback by sending conversational surveys via text message.

  • New privacy controls will provide a safe space for customers and employees to share.

The feature provides specific access privileges for users so that they can view only the necessary information, as well as temporary access to guest moderators and interviewers for video discussions.

In addition, it identifies sensitive information, such as personal identification information, in Touchpoint for enhanced privacy and security measures.

Meanwhile, in October last year, Alida unveiled its Fall 2022 product release, which includes dozens of new features and a new product - Conversational Surveys - to help drive customer engagement through interactive feedback.