Alight Worklife’s New Digital Features and Integrations Optimize Employee Engagement

Cloud-based human capital and technology services provider Alight has unveiled the second significant update for 2023 of its employee experience platform - Alight Worklife. This release introduces a range of new digital experience features to boost employee engagement while empowering employers with powerful tools to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of their HR and benefits programs.

“The latest release drives employee engagement further by delivering a great digital experience designed to connect employees to their wellbeing ecosystem, unlocking untapped value for both employees and employers. This is resonating across organizations as we see an increase in overall digital engagement traffic and mobile users and digital customer satisfaction scores remain very high. The momentum we’re seeing with Alight Worklife is truly exciting and we are thrilled to be delivering another release of exciting enhancements to our valued customers,” said Josh Welch, SVP of Product at Alight.

Alight Worklife 2023 release enhancements  

Alight Worklife is enhancing its mobile user engagement by providing convenient access to essential information and tasks on the go. The Alight mobile app now includes integrated to-do lists covering HR and benefits matters, as well as user-friendly employee journeys optimized for mobile devices. Moreover, the app incorporates improved video communication features.

Alight has introduced a new feature - Control Center - which serves as a comprehensive self-service administrator tool suite within the Alight Worklife platform. This centralized tooling suite is designed to streamline daily administrative tasks and boost productivity for administrators. By providing integrated tools and valuable insights, the Control Center empowers administrators to efficiently manage and produce Alight Worklife content. The new creation tools, flexible configurations, user-friendly step-by-step flows, and enhanced security features.

The release also includes a substantial expansion of partner integrations and content libraries. This allows for a more extensive ecosystem that supports Alight's portal experience and AI-based Program Optimization solution. With over 115 program detail pages integrated from 65 vendors, the platform now offers a wide range of plug & play content and promotions.

Additionally, the New Journeys feature was designed to enhance the employee experience, focusing on important aspects of employees' lives, such as "building and caring for your family," "caring for your mind and body," and "starting a new job." These personalized Journeys offer employees a guided and tailored experience, making it easier for them to discover and use programs that contribute to their personal and family well-being.

Moreover, there are new self-service features to help users make optimized health and well-being decisions throughout their journey – from enrollment to managing personal healthcare needs for themselves and their families.

Ask Lisa, the digital assistant, now simplifies the annual enrollment experience by offering the option to automatically re-enroll employees into their current benefit programs and contributions. The benefits enrollment process has also been enhanced with multiple upgrades, making it more streamlined and effective. Users can now easily restore their enrollment progress, access additional plan design information, and efficiently compare plan changes from year to year.

Additionally, Alight's Health Navigation has unveiled a new digital Health Pro Connection experience fully integrated into the Alight Worklife platform. Users seeking guidance for their healthcare needs can now choose between self-service options or connect with a live Health Pro for personalized assistance. This digital resource combines various features like Smart Select MD provider search, digital ID cards, insurance details, integrated case management, and a live message center for Health Pro support.

Alight has also implemented advanced customer technology with enhanced features for its live customer support channel. This includes the integration of new natural language technology and smart routing capabilities. These improvements allow users to be connected more easily and quickly to the right customer support resource, thanks to the use of advanced natural language processing and intent recognition technology.