Acoustic Joins Snowflake to Streamline Data Sharing within its Platform

Marketing and customer engagement solutions provider Acoustic has announced a strategic partnership with Snowflake, to enhance data-sharing capabilities within the Acoustic Connect platform. Powered by Snowflake, Acoustic Connect now enables marketers to seamlessly incorporate diverse data sources into their marketing endeavors, providing marketers with a comprehensive perspective of the customer journey, and helping them formulate personalized strategies rooted in data insights collected throughout the digital customer experience.

Leveraging Snowflake's Data Cloud technology, Acoustic Connect enables marketers to respond to customer intent signals and effectively engage with them across various stages of the purchasing journey.  

"By partnering with Snowflake, we have embraced a streaming-based model that enables marketers to understand and respond to customer behaviors in real time. With all data centralized in one place, our customers can now personalize their marketing efforts based on a wider selection of attributes. This partnership has allowed us to introduce Acoustic Connect, a game-changing solution that seamlessly ties together journey orchestration, multichannel marketing, and behavioral experience insights in an all-in-one platform,"  said John Riewerts, SVP of Engineering at Acoustic.

By utilizing Snowflake's technology as the foundation, Acoustic has developed Acoustic Connect to harness the powerful Snowpipe Streaming capabilities. This integration not only streamlines improved data sharing and management but also offers deeper customer insights. Within Acoustic Connect, marketers can seamlessly merge diverse data sources, quickly comprehend this information, and transform it into personalized campaigns that effectively engage consumers at the right moments.

Furthermore, Snowflake's data streaming capabilities accelerate the process from implementation to execution, leading to quicker time-to-value for marketers and enabling them to promptly demonstrate marketing ROI.

"We're excited to support Acoustic on its journey to transform how marketers orchestrate digital customer experiences by providing real-time data streaming capabilities that empower marketers to react in the moment. By building on the Snowflake Data Cloud, Acoustic is enabling marketers to leverage behavioral insights and create meaningful customer engagements," said Bill Stratton, Global Industry GTM Lead, Media, Entertainment and Advertising at Snowflake.

By building their solutions on Snowflake's foundation, product, and engineering teams can create, expand, and manage their applications without the complexities of day-to-day operations. The Powered by Snowflake program provides builders with valuable resources, guiding them in designing, promoting, and maintaining their applications within the Data Cloud. Other platforms that are powered by Snowflake include Merkle, Braze, LiveRamp and more.

At its fifth-annual Summit conference, Snowflake introduced new advancements that help customers leverage generative AI and develop scalable applications while ensuring data security and governance within the Data Cloud.