Cogito Launches AI Model that Focuses on Employee Experience

Cogito has launched Employee Experience (EX) Score, an artificial intelligence model derived from a unique machine learning model that assesses the employee’s experience (EX) in customer interactions.

The model shows in real time how employees are feeling following the entirety of their daily customer interactions, helping executives and supervisors to spot areas for improvement and prevent burnout.

“Contact centers are feeling the strain that comes with managing dispersed remote teams and ensuring their employees can thrive in these new environments while call volume and the complexities of customer interactions continue to increase. Not only does our EX Score aim to directly address these pain points, it is the only solution of its kind in the industry exclusively tracking signs of dissatisfaction and burnout. Our ability to offer an EX Score for every call is a significant differentiator,” said Joshua Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito.

Agent attrition, a drop in agent productivity and engagement have led contact center leaders to look for solutions that identify moments of friction or point out issues before they develop into larger problems. To help with this, the EX Score uses human-centered signals to assess how agents are feeling after each of their daily customer interactions.

Similarly to the CX Score, the EX Score combines human-aware Emotion AI, software that extracts over 200 signals from every call, and Conversational AI, which does the same for written conversations. Together, these derive real-time insights across single instances or trends across multiple calls. Supervisors and senior executives can measure EX Score over time by individual agents, specific teams, or the entire organization to identify trends that impact the agent experience.

The end goal of the Score is to increase agent retention, improve agent satisfaction and well-being at work, and faster time to proficiency. According to the company, new agents that have been leveraging the solution have achieved job proficiency up to 50% faster compared to those who do not use Cogito's real-time coaching and guidance. The EX Score can be accessed by supervisors through Cogito Teams and by analytics teams through Cogito Intelligence.

Cogito has recently made new improvements to its conversational intelligence offering to streamline after-call work.