Babel Street to Acquire Text Analytics Platform Rosette

Data analytics and intelligence company Babel Street has announced it will acquire Rosette, the AI-powered text analytics platform, from BasisTech.

The acquisition will see the formation of an enhanced data analytics intelligence, promising rapid, rich insights across the threat intelligence, risk mitigation, and identity markets.

“Babel Street's deep expertise in cross-lingual search across massive amounts of data, coupled with Rosette’s ability to identify, categorize, extract, index, and analyze all aspects of multi-language text, will help improve safety and security for our customers. With the addition of Rosette, we will create a leader in threat and risk intelligence, best positioned to capitalize on the large market opportunity at a time when this technology is increasingly vital for awareness and security. We’re thrilled to welcome Rosette’s deep bench of talent to the Babel Street team,” said Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street.

AI-powered text analytics platform Rosette helps customers execute cross-lingual identity resolution processes while ensuring national security and thwarting financial crime.

The platform leverages machine learning and deep neural nets to identify and understand interpersonal relationships, information about locations, organizations, and events in multiple languages.

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Combined with Rosette's capabilities, Babel Street will provide an expanded portfolio of solutions to meet the mission-critical needs of a broader set of government and commercial organizations worldwide.

Capabilities that Rosette will bring to Babel Street include advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU), specifically relevancy scoring, and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean tokenization.

Moreover, the Babel Street platform will now provide entity extraction and expanded artificial intelligence and machine learning modeling, including topic classification and intent detection. For enhanced security, the platform is enriched with fraud scoring, entity attribution, and pattern detection.

In addition, the platform will support deeper entity knowledge base creation for screening and countering insider threats, leveraging Rosette’s deep AI and machine-learning-driven natural language processing (NLP) technology.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to see Rosette’s technology integrated with the most comprehensive and flexible open-source intelligence platform available. Rosette’s NLP capabilities are a natural complement to Babel Street’s advanced analytics capabilities and will provide a powerful asset in helping screen for global threats and risk with greater context and understanding,” said Carl Hoffman, CEO of BasisTech.

The integration will provide 'locally deployable' capabilities to customers, along with the most comprehensive range of standardized data sources.

Following the close of the transaction, Rosette will remain as a standalone offering but will also become part of a range of Babel Street's solutions.