Shutterstock Expands OpenAI Partnership with a Six-Year Agreement

Stock photography provider Shutterstock has expanded its partnership with OpenAI through a six-year agreement. The deal will enable Shutterstock to consolidate its position as a leading provider of high-quality training data for OpenAI models.

OpenAI has secured a license to access additional Shutterstock training data, including Shutterstock's image, video, and music libraries and associated metadata. In turn, Shutterstock will also gain priority access to the latest OpenAI technology to continue leveraging DALL·E's generative text-to-image capabilities directly into its website platform.

"The renewal and significant expansion of our strategic partnership with OpenAI reinforces Shutterstock's commitment to driving AI tech innovation and positions us as the data and distribution partner of choice for industry leaders in generative AI," said Paul Hennessy, CEO of Shutterstock.

The integration will also let Shutterstock customers use synthetic editing capabilities to create new, edit, and transform any image in the entire Shutterstock library. When it comes to mobile users, the two companies will work in collaboration to bring generative AI capabilities to Shutterstock's newly acquired platform, GIPHY.

"We're pleased to be able to license Shutterstock's high-quality content library. This extended collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of our image models but also empowers brands, digital media, and marketing companies to unlock transformative possibilities in content creation and ideation. We look forward to bringing the next generation of generative AI capabilities to Shutterstock and GIPHY's vast user base, further revolutionizing the way people express themselves through visual media,"added Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI.

Shutterstock, a prominent player in the creative industry, continues to forge ahead with its strategic endeavors, expanding its partnerships to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier this year, the company unveiled its revolutionary AI Image Generator, a tool driven by DALL·E that lets users create personalized visuals.

Through its Contributor Fund, Shutterstock compensated hundreds of thousands of artists for the role their content IP has played in training generative technology used by the company. The artists have also been granted ongoing royalties tied to licensing activity for newly generated assets.

In addition to OpenAI, Shutterstock has also collaborated with industry leaders such as NVIDIA, Meta, and LG to develop foundational generative AI tools for creators across 3D, images and text.