Bandwidth Unveils Solution for Effortless Voice-Based AI in Contact Centers 

Enterprise cloud communications company Bandwidth has revealed its collaboration with Google and Cognigy to introduce AIBridge, enabling businesses to effortlessly implement voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in their contact centers. This will lead to quicker and more efficient call resolutions within the communications cloud.

AIBridge is the latest addition to a collection of pre-built integrations offered through Bandwidth Maestro, the company's enterprise cloud communications platform, which is now accessible for use.

Bandwidth's AIBridge offers enterprises a way to enhance customer service by swiftly addressing customer issues. This elevates the overall customer experience (CX), boosts agent satisfaction, and reduces operational costs in contact centers.

"Bandwidth AIBridge enables enterprises to make the transition from traditional IVR technologies to full-service conversational AI bot platforms, and move them in front of the contact center to operate 24/7/365. It gets even better: using Bandwidth Visual Builder, there's no software coding necessary to compose and connect complex call flows for any contact center use case, " said John Bell, Bandwidth's Chief Product Officer.

How does AIBridge work?

When customers call an enterprise's contact center, their calls are initially directed to an AI-powered virtual agent, thanks to the integration with Bandwidth's Maestro platform. Suppose the caller's concern can be resolved through conversational AI, such as handling tasks like replacing a lost credit card or rebooking a flight. In that case, the entire call can be handled within the communications cloud, without needing the customer to connect with a live agent or the contact center.

Gartner predicts that conversational AI will reduce $80 billion in contact center agent labor costs by 2026, which is expected to grow to $240 billion by 2031. Furthermore, by 2031, conversational AI chatbots and virtual assistants are projected to manage 30 percent of interactions that would have traditionally required a human agent, a significant increase from the mere two percent observed in 2022.

AIBridge's initial integrations feature Cognigy and Google Cloud's Dialogflow; more are yet to be announced.

"Bandwidth Maestro is truly an innovative enterprise-class voice platform that, when paired with Cognigy.AI, will make conversational and generative AI more accessible and manageable enabling accelerated customer service transformation," said Hardy Myers, SVP of Business Development & Strategy at Cognigy.

With the pre-built integrations on the Bandwidth Maestro platform, enterprise IT development processes can be significantly accelerated, reducing the time required from months to hours. Additionally, enterprises have the convenience of orchestrating intricate call flows effortlessly by leveraging Bandwidth Visual Builder, a user-friendly, software-based tool that involves minimal coding and enables the creation of call flows through a simple drag-and-drop interface.