LinkLive Unveils Mobile App to Offer Compliant Messaging and Voice Services

LinkLive has introduced its updated mobile application - LinkLive Mobile - to provide secure and compliant messaging and voice services to various organizations, including healthcare, financial institutions, and enterprises.

Refreshed LinkLive Mobile adds more versatility to the company's platform, enabling different sectors to perform important business communications remotely using their personal devices. Still, the app ensures that users comply with industry regulations and the highest security standards.

“Providers of in-home clinical care are very focused on the safety, and efficiency of their workforce. The LinkLive Mobile solution provides real-time visibility of care providers before, during, and after in-home visits. With LinkLive, our customers can ensure the safety of their mobile care teams, accurately compensate them, and appropriately schedule their workload — allowing caregivers to focus on providing the best patient care possible. Additionally, these features are helpful in maintaining compliance, productivity, and privacy,” said Perry Price, CEO, LinkLive.

In the past, sharing personal phone numbers to establish customer relationships while on the go posed compliance challenges and liability issues, especially for mobile healthcare workers who relied on their mobile devices to communicate with patients and were at a greater risk of exposing personal information. However, LinkLive Mobile resolves these challenges by providing a secure platform for mobile communication, which ensures compliance and reduces liability issues by bringing a host of benefits for mobile workers and their supervisors.

“We are excited to resolve liability and compliance challenges for the independent Medicare brokerage teams at one of our largest customers, allowing the brokers to be compliant with all the requirements of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The LinkLive Mobile application allows these brokers the flexibility to maintain continuity of conversations with individual members related to Medicare enrollment policies and health benefits, any time, from anywhere, on any device,” said Pat Reetz, CPO, LinkLive.

At present, LinkLive Mobile supports iOS and progressive web apps. Although Android availability and video collaboration integration are on the way, they are not currently available. LinkLive Mobile is specifically designed to provide meaningful experiences to users and on-the-go workers across various industries.

Elsewhere, LinkLive has recently expanded its partnership with Kasisto to integrate KAI into the LinkLive platform and offer enhanced services to financial institutions in the US market.