6sense Introduces Pipeline-Boosting AI Email Writing Feature

6sense has added AI Writer to its Conversational Email feature, enabling customers to optimize their email outreach and marketing efforts effectively, and helping B2B organizations create personalized email content with greater ease and efficiency.

 “Conversion rates are down across industries, it takes more touches across more buying team members to advance opportunities, and prospect expectations for a deeply personalized experience feel unrealistically high with the tools marketers have been given,”  “Leveraging our 6sense Conversational Email product and this new AI Writer has been a game changer for our own demand generation team as the generative AI capability has delivered real results, building 10% of new pipeline from accounts engaged,” said Latané Conant, CMO at 6sense.

By harnessing the capabilities of intent, predictive analytics, and other valuable first-party data, demand generation teams can leverage the latest advancements in generative AI through the AI Writer. This streamlines the process of crafting personalized, highly targeted, and brand-consistent email campaigns.

Additionally, the Conversational Email assistant takes care of managing replies and ensures that conversations are routed to the appropriate salesperson at the optimal time, allowing demand-generation teams to generate pipelines more effectively and efficiently.

The latest announcement from 6sense builds upon the initial launch of 6sense Conversational Email in October 2022. By leveraging advanced AI models like GPT-4, along with intent data and predictive analytics, 6sense Conversational Email enables the delivery of highly personalized and relevant emails.

Boosting efficiency with self-service capabilities 

With the inclusion of AI Writer functionality, 6sense Conversational Email provides demand generation teams with a self-service platform that streamlines the creation of captivating email campaigns and eliminates the need for multiple rounds of manual writing and editing.

6sense Conversational Email, with its AI Writer functionality, now offers demand generation teams the capability to tackle various aspects of their email campaigns effectively. Teams can create contextual emails tailored to different demand generation strategies, such as educating leads with low intent, reaching out to accounts showing interest, and re-engaging lost opportunities.

Additionally, the feature enables teams to engage in back-and-forth conversations with prospects via email, overcoming time zone constraints and initiating meaningful interactions early in the prospecting cycle.

6sense Conversational Email seamlessly integrates with existing marketing automation and sales engagement platforms, eliminating the need for replacing current systems or relying solely on generic mass-market emails. Instead, it provides a cohesive and comprehensive solution that combines the power of AI-generated content with established marketing and sales tools.

Maintaining on-brand tone  

AI Writer offering guarantees that email content maintains a consistent and on-brand tone. Customers have the flexibility to train and customize the AI model by providing their brand style guide, product messages, and other relevant contextual information. By combining customized product and brand content with predictive intent data, AI Writer enhances the quality and relevance of email campaigns.

More valuable insights  

The latest functionality enables teams to access valuable insights that were previously challenging to obtain, allowing them to accurately evaluate and report on the true effectiveness of their email campaigns in generating new pipeline opportunities.

Secure environment  

Moreover, this offering allows teams to securely upload their brand documents, pre-release product information, and other internal communications while incorporating various data sources such as intent, technographic, firmographic, and first-party data. The content and data are stored in separate and highly secure environments, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.