Survey Reveals Agents’ Drivers for Delivering Better Experiences

As many as 72% of consumers are willing to spend more money with a brand that offers excellent customer service. But what drives agents to go above and beyond to deliver a memorable experience? Customer service platform Gladly has published the Hero Experience Report 2023, which explores the thoughts and experiences of customer service agents and highlights their positive impact on a brand's customer experience.

“At Gladly, we believe that any customer service agent can be a hero, but that’s often not the norm. We designed this report to amplify their voices because when they’re motivated and empowered, they build stronger customer connections and lifelong loyalty,” said Joseph Ansanelli, CEO, Gladly.

As more and more transactions are conducted online, customer service teams are becoming the primary point of human interaction between customers and brands. However, a majority (59%) of consumers feel that companies are not prioritizing the human element in their customer experience.

Top motivators

Customer service teams are driven by personalized interactions with customers. However, traditional ticketing systems do not allow for a personalized experience for consumers or customer service agents. A majority (73%) of consumers want to be treated as individuals rather than as case numbers. Likewise, agents prioritize engaging and conversing with customers (47%) over resolving service issues (37%).

Furthermore, as many as 62% of agents want ongoing training opportunities to help advance their careers and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Many of these agents are already highly experienced, with 61% having worked in the industry for over six years. By providing adequate training, businesses can support their agents' motivations and create a loyal customer base, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

The report also found that customer service agents are highly committed to expanding their role, with career growth ranking as the second most important motivator for over half (52%) of international respondents. The majority of agents (89%) intend to stay in the industry, and two-thirds of them aspire to climb the career ladder to a management position.

Gladly's Hero Experience Report follows the recent release of the Customer Expectations Report, which explores the desires and needs of modern customers. The company strives to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of the customer experience and how to create a more humanized approach at every interaction. By prioritizing the needs of customer service agents and providing a positive work experience, businesses can create happier agents and ultimately satisfied customers.