Bloomreach Announces the First E-Commerce AI Solution that Offers Human-Like Product Expertise

Bloomreach has announced a conversational shopping product - Bloomreach Clarity - that offers help when searching or shopping for a particular product. Powered by the latest advancements in generative AI, Clarity leverages real-time customer data, businesses' product catalogs, and 13+ years of data on how customers shop and search.

The solution works as a shopping assistant, providing personalized, human-like guidance from customers' favorite brands. Further, Clarity can seamlessly integrate individual conversations across every channel, including website, chat, SMS, and more.

The need for guidance often causes shoppers to delay or abandon purchases while they visit stores or conduct time-consuming online research. Clarity was made to give customers the clarity they need during their online shopping journey instantly and at scale.

“Until today, e-commerce technology has never been able to replicate human expertise within the shopping experience — and certainly not at scale. We’re changing that with Bloomreach Clarity, connecting a business’s best product expert with every customer, on demand. Powered by a deep understanding of each individual shopper and every product in a business’s catalog, this is more than conversational shopping, it’s product expertise for every customer. Clarity is going to drive truly authentic, cross-channel conversations that turn every potential purchase into one made with confidence,” said Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO, Bloomreach.

When using Clarity, customers get relevant information about products they'll actually buy. Businesses can leverage real-time targeting that allows Clarity to prompt conversations based on a customer’s current journey or specific segment.

In addition, businesses can set up Clarity to hold personalized conversations using brand guidelines and tone of voice. Personalized conversations are also possible for unknown visitors, based on their browsing behavior.

Bloomreach has been consistently working to help merchandisers optimize the e-commerce experience, particularly through its recent merchandising enhancements for Bloomreach Discovery.