Bloomreach Assists Large Teams with Latest Efficiency and Security Features

Bloomreach has unveiled a range of features within Bloomreach Engagement designed to optimize efficiency and security for larger teams. Tailored to elevate large-scale project management, these features allow Engagement customers to oversee platform users, regulate data access, and streamline project organization. Beyond enhancing efficiency, these capabilities bolster security, providing administrators with heightened control over data management across diverse brands and regions.

Efficiency and security are interconnected priorities for sizable marketing teams. The newfound ability to administer user access and enhance project organization ensures the secure management of vast customer data collected by brands, particularly those operating across multiple regions or with distinct brands. The latest features in Bloomreach Engagement offer businesses greater control over project organization, data management by teams, and user access to the marketing automation platform.

“Given the fast pace marketing teams work at, efficiency and security are absolutely critical. We’re pleased to launch these new features for our customers to streamline how they work across large teams and maximize the security of the data they need to drive personalized, omnichannel campaigns,” said Michal Novovesky, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Engagement.

Just a few days ago, Bloomreach also introduced three advanced features in Bloomreach Discovery to transform search experiences and enhance personalization.

Security and efficiency features  

One of the latest features is user groups, which enables the business's account administrator to effectively manage and restrict team members' access to crucial sections of the application, such as individual scenarios or segmentations.

Additionally, user management analyzes user accounts and implements additional measures to safeguard the platform against data leaks and malicious activities, enhancing overall security.

With single sign-on with authorization, teams can effortlessly authorize and onboard new members, ensuring secure access without the need for individual sign-up invitations.

Moreover, application tag management allows marketers to expediently manage tags, contributing to improved project organization.

Currently in closed beta testing, account-level reporting offers an overarching view of business performance across all brands or regions. It streamlines reporting efficiency, facilitating a quick understanding of broader business trends for teams.