Bloomreach Elevates Email Marketing with New Feature and Guidance for Marketers

Bloomreach has introduced support and guidance for marketers facing new email sender requirements from Google and Yahoo. The company has rolled out a convenient one-click unsubscribe feature for Bloomreach Engagement users, aligning with the updated protocols from Google and Yahoo.  

Based on RFC 8058 or GET/POST protocol, this feature allows users to easily unsubscribe by clicking a link in the email header. Additionally, Bloomreach has provided expert advice for marketers dealing with these changes.

“Bloomreach has always prioritized emailing best practices among their customers, and these new requirements from Google and Yahoo are no different. They reflect the standards that we always advised our customers to have. We’re confident that integrating one-click unsubscribe into our email capabilities will allow our customers to build an even stronger email strategy, leading to increased customer engagement and improved deliverability while following best practices,” said Michael Mann, Email Deliverability Consultant, Bloomreach.

The one-click unsubscribe feature enhances Bloomreach Engagement, enabling users to place an unsubscribe link in the email header, complying with the latest requirements from Google and Yahoo. This feature, combined with the existing mailto protocol (RFC 2369), streamlines the opt-out process for users. To further assist marketers, Bloomreach has compiled expert insights and best practices for email deliverability in the context of these new requirements, which were shared in a recent on-demand webinar.

Key considerations for marketers 

In response to the new sender requirements from Google and Yahoo, marketers must strategically adapt their email practices. To ensure compliance, emails now require a one-click unsubscribe button in both the email body and header, excluding consent pages or preference centers as alternatives. Prioritizing user-friendly unsubscribe options becomes paramount in this evolving landscape.

Moreover, personalization takes center stage, transforming from an option to a necessity. Marketers are urged to craft personalized and relevant content that not only engages recipients but also integrates seamlessly with the now-crucial unsubscribe button.

Gmail and Yahoo have instituted a spam complaint threshold of 0.3% to address the challenge of spam. To safeguard optimal return on investment, reputation, and deliverability, Bloomreach recommends marketers stay well below this threshold, aiming for 0.1%.

Additionally, marketers are advised to adhere to authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These protocols serve to confirm the legitimacy of the sender's domain, with the recommendation to utilize a dedicated sending domain and IP address. Ensuring domain alignment enhances email security in the face of evolving requirements and standards.

Elsewhere, Bloomreach has acquired Radiance Commerce, an AI-driven conversational commerce platform, aiming to advance AI innovation for e-commerce.