QuestionPro Acquires SuiteCX

Online survey software provider QuestionPro has acquired SuiteCX, a journey mapping platform vendor, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition will see the integration of SuiteCX into Question Pro's market research platform to create the first "full stack customer experience platform". The end-to-end platform will offer capabilities for the entire lifecycle of the customer experience, including Journey Mapping and management workflows.

“All too often brands invest the time and effort to perfect the customer experience and customer journey in theory, only to have reality interfere. The integration of SuiteCX into QuestionPro will make it easy for CX professionals to not only create that perfect map, but then see what is actually happening in practice along with the insights and tools to make the necessary changes,” said Ken Peterson, President of QuestionPro CX.

QuestionPro said the combined offer will provide "unprecedented precision in CX program design", connecting and analyzing customer satisfaction during all stages of the customer journey.

SuiteCX offers a customizable and secure journey mapping and journey analytics platform. The platform also provides examples of future activities in form of intuitive, simple and actionable roadmaps and plans, along with 360-degree CX visualization, customization, and persona support.

“Because we’re going to be able to take actual voice of the customer along with NPS and sentiment data and overlay it with precisely where the customer is in their overall life cycle or journey, we can help give CX professionals much deeper, more informed data about what’s working and what’s not in the CX journey. We’ll take the guesswork out of continuous improvement in a CX process,” said Valerie Peck, Founder and CEO of Suite CX.

SuiteCX will integrate into QuestionPro’s CX group as an operating subsidiary and maintain its separate name and brand.

QuestionPro has recently revealed a new customer review tool, CX Reputation.