SoundHound and Olo Partner to Elevate the Dining Experience with Voice AI  

SoundHound has partnered with Olo, a restaurant SaaS provider, to allow SoundHound's technology to be accessible to approximately 77,000 establishments that rely on Olo's solutions. By becoming a part of Olo's partner program, Olo Connect, more restaurants will now be able to efficiently and accurately process voice orders placed through drive-thrus, in-store kiosks, or over the phone, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

SoundHound's voice AI technology is capable of rapidly learning the menu of any restaurant and can be swiftly implemented to carry out essential functions such as order processing, responding to customer inquiries, and even suggesting additional items and promotions. All voice orders are seamlessly transferred to the Olo platform, which seamlessly integrates with the restaurant's operational processes.

“It’s becoming clear that soon every business will have a customer service voice assistant, and we’re delighted to join Olo Connect to provide its entire restaurant network with access to SoundHound’s powerful voice AI. We’ll be using our years of AI know-how to help restaurants drive more orders and give guests what they want – a fast, hassle-free experience,” said James Hom, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SoundHound.

SoundHound's patented voice AI technology is designed to comprehend human speech naturally. This means that customers don't need to alter their language or engage in awkward interactions with the software; they can communicate as they would with another person. The company first introduced this technology with Dynamic Interaction in late 2022.

Through their collaboration, SoundHound and Olo will help numerous restaurant locations leverage voice AI, enabling staff to focus on more intricate tasks while still delivering dependable and consistent customer service.

“At Olo, we are constantly looking to connect our restaurant brands to innovative technology through our partner network that keeps them ahead of the curve. We are thrilled to partner with SoundHound to bring their voice AI to multiple ordering applications within restaurants, an exciting step forward in our pursuit to help build the restaurant of the future for our customers,” said Nolan DeCoster, SVP of Partnerships and Business Development at Olo.

As consumer acceptance of AI and automation grows, SoundHound's voice AI holds the potential to elevate the guest experience, enabling restaurants to capture additional orders and boost their revenue.

Elsewhere, SoundHound has revealed that its advanced Smart Answering solution, driven by cutting-edge voice AI technology, is now accessible to businesses through a subscription model.