Multinational Bank Increases Contact Center Sales with Verint Coaching Bot

Verint has announced that a multinational bank is leveraging the Verint Coaching Bot to enhance up-sell close rates for its contact center agents.

“More and more brands are using AI-powered bots to increase agent capacity and provide opportunities for contact center agents to generate revenue. Today, Verint AI-powered bots can guide contact center representatives to become more effective sales agents. The Verint Coaching Bot delivers tangible AI business outcomes by guiding agents to introduce the ideal up-sell offer based on the customer’s profile. This real-time coaching capability improves up-sell close rates and can drive millions of dollars of increased sales through the contact center,” says Daniel Ziv, Vice President, Go-to-Market, Verint.

Seeking to boost revenue from their contact center operations, the bank implemented the Verint Coaching Bot to provide real-time guidance to agents. This support ensured that agents consistently presented the most appropriate up-sell offers at the optimal moments, resulting in improved sales close rates.

Following the deployment of the Verint Coaching Bot, the bank saw a significant 48% increase in sales from their contact centers over a span of two months.

Apart from the Verint Coaching Bot, other bots, as well as the company's platform, have been chosen by major companies and banks to boost contact center operations in the recent couple of weeks. Last month, Verint disclosed that a prominent Fortune 500 enterprise has chosen its services to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business results. 

In addition, Verint has announced that a major U.S. bank has selected the Verint Open Platform to enhance CX automation in their contact centers.