Calabrio Revolutionizes Contact Center Management with Bot Analytics Suite

Calabrio has unveiled its latest offering - Bot Analytics - a suite of tools tailored for Quality Management (QM). This innovative solution equips contact centers with enhanced performance data and insights, allowing them to streamline operations and elevate the user experience.

With Calabrio’s Bot Analytics, contact centers gain comprehensive visibility into the performance and quality of their chatbots and voicebots. This tool facilitates efficient issue resolution and performance improvement by organizing transcript conversations into topics and simplifying the review process.

Without a structured QM process and robust analytics tools, contact centers risk stagnation in call volume, low customer satisfaction, and missed opportunities for cost savings.

“Most of us have had a frustrating experience with a chatbot. Now imagine you are trained to help customers and the very tool—a bot—being used to help improve a user’s experience results in frustration for customers and the call center agents trying to help. Our Bot Analytics changes the game, works with any virtual agent, and improves interactions, cost savings and customer and agent experiences,” said Joel Martins, CTO and Interim CEO, Calabrio.

Prior to this, Calabrio unveiled the Interaction Summary, offering contact centers a streamlined way to enhance customer experiences, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

What are the benefits of Bot Analytics? 

Calabrio Bot Analytics presents a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance Quality Management within contact centers. It provides detailed insights into the entire spectrum of conversations, from bot to live agent, facilitating rapid troubleshooting and alignment with customer expectations. By analyzing virtual agent interactions, it delivers actionable intelligence to digital product owners, chatbot operators, and conversation designers, empowering them to optimize performance.

Additionally, it evaluates chatbot responsiveness, resolution rates, and customer experience scoring, while leveraging AI-powered topic segmentation to streamline intent setup and analysis. With capabilities to assess Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model performance and offer platform configuration and bot feedback mechanisms, Calabrio Bot Analytics equips contact centers with the tools necessary to gauge conversation difficulty and drive continuous improvement.

This initiative follows the recent acquisition of Wysdom, a renowned expert in AI and virtual agent solutions, further solidifying Calabrio's position at the forefront of industry innovation.