Calabrio Acquires AI and Bot Analytics Company Wysdom

Calabrio has announced the acquisition of Wysdom, an AI and virtual agent performance solutions provider, to enable its customers to harness the potential of AI and ML for enhancing agent engagement, and productivity, and maximizing return on investment (ROI).   

“We are excited to bring Wysdom and Calabrio together to help our customers use AI to drive optimal allocation of resources across both human and virtual agents. By unlocking core insights across all interactions at scale, Wysdom’s powerful AI/ML-fueled analytics will ensure that our customers are able to leverage all of the valuable data in their omnichannel contact center,” said Kevin Jones, CEO of Calabrio.

Wysdom specializes in real-time optimization of virtual agent interactions, encompassing both chat and voice bots. This unique capability seamlessly integrates with Calabrio's existing suite of analytics tools, offering immediate value. Both platforms are designed for the dynamic omnichannel landscape, allowing Calabrio to consolidate customer interactions and a comprehensive set of conversational metrics into a unified view. Through this consolidated approach, customers can effortlessly oversee and enhance the performance and resource allocation of all customer service agents, be they human or virtual.

Calabrio's clientele can categorize interactions, irrespective of the channel, into thematic groups. Furthermore, they can automatically identify areas for potential improvement, including coaching and training opportunities. This elevates Calabrio's already robust quality management and employee engagement tools to unprecedented heights.

"At Wysdom we have spent years single-mindedly focused on improving the efficacy of the AI-enhanced chatbot, believing the modern contact center to be a space ripe for transformational change. All along we've viewed Calabrio as a like-minded innovator, so we're thrilled to join them in this crucial mission," said Ian Collins, Founder & CEO, Wysdom.

This acquisition marks a significant step forward in Calabrio's commitment to providing innovative solutions at the intersection of technology and customer service excellence. It will expedite customers' capacity to leverage the immense data generated from each interaction across various channels. In the pursuit of this goal, Calabrio aims to establish a seamless and captivating experience for both customers and agents.

Just last month, Calabrio introduced AI-Powered Interaction Analytics on a public cloud infrastructure specifically designed for the Middle East.