Pipedrive Announces Product Roadmap for H2 2023

Pipedrive has unveiled its updated product roadmap for the remainder of 2023, driven by customer feedback and focused on addressing primary challenges. The new features include robust automation capabilities to enhance productivity, an advanced email, and omnichannel inbox for improved team collaboration, and the integration of AI into the platform.

With AI integration, Pipedrive aims to assist customers in generating high-quality leads, saving time through natural language automation creation, and improving deal closure rates by emphasizing the most effective actions.

“Innovation fueled by customer obsession lies at the heart of everything we do at Pipedrive. Our customers, encompassing more than 100,000 small businesses worldwide, seek an easy-to-use and effective CRM that enables them to automate their everyday tasks, enhance team collaboration and excel in the art of selling by creating personalized and value-based buying journeys for their clients. Sales remains the core of our product and as we continue to innovate, integrating more AI into our platform will transform the user experience and business potential for our customers,” said Shaun Shirazian, CPO at Pipedrive.

For several years, Pipedrive has been utilizing AI technology to enhance its product and improve the customer experience. The company introduced a pilot program, featuring an AI-powered Sales Assistant that assists sales representatives by suggesting the best actions to take. Now, Pipedrive is preparing to launch Sales Assistant 2.0, an upgraded version with advanced capabilities that will utilize Pipedrive's own generative AI model to predict the likelihood of winning deals and offer actionable recommendations to increase success rates.

Furthermore, Pipedrive's product roadmap includes a range of enhancements tailored to cater to the requirements of mature customers with larger teams. These updates comprise advanced account control features and the introduction of automatic lead assignment.

What's in the H2 2023 for Pipedrive?  

Pipedrive is introducing solutions that help sales teams enhance capabilities, accelerate the sales cycle, and effectively scale their lead engagement efforts. The upcoming improvements aim to boost productivity by streamlining workflows. One notable addition is the "Wait for" step, which triggers new actions when specific updates occur in the workflow, providing real-time responsiveness.

In the third quarter, Pipedrive plans to introduce features such as ownership transfer between users and the ability to share automation with other account users. In addition, the email and omnichannel inbox will also be enhanced, with multiple email accounts syncing for improved visibility of sales conversations. Shared emails will also facilitate closer collaboration among representatives and teams.

Collaborative features will also be added, allowing teams to share, edit, and refine reports together, and build contact reports within the CRM, and eliminating the need to navigate away from the platform.

Pipedrive enables users to customize their CRM according to their specific business requirements. The enhanced custom fields feature allows users to tailor their CRM by creating fields that suit their unique needs. With the ability to automate basic calculations based on input from other fields, users can streamline their workflows and save time.

Embedding AI capabilities in its platform

The AI-powered lead suggestions feature will assist users in sourcing and qualifying leads, enabling them to focus on engaging with the most promising prospects. Natural language processing will automate complex workflows by allowing customers to create advanced automation sequences using text input. Sales Assistant 2.0, an upgraded version, will utilize AI to predict the probability of winning deals and provide actionable recommendations to increase success rates.

Furthermore, the AI-translated Knowledge Base will expand the availability of localized versions of Pipedrive in multiple languages, ensuring salespeople can navigate and explore their CRM in their preferred language. These AI-driven solutions aim to enhance sales processes, improve lead management, and provide a more personalized and user-friendly experience for sales professionals.

Elsewhere, Pipedrive has also introduced two new integrations with CloudTalk and JustCall, to enhance sales communication processes and optimize business calls.