Clickatell Streamlines Personalized Conversations with AI-Powered Chat Commerce

Clickatell has introduced a new conversational AI solution - Clickatell AI - to facilitate personalized conversations, enhancing customer engagement and fostering stronger relationships.

Clickatell AI employs natural language processing (NLP) to understand the intent behind customer inquiries. Additionally, it leverages generative AI to deliver meaningful and valuable conversational interactions that improve over time.

Part of the Chat Commerce Platform, the AI solution allows individuals to participate in live chats with the bot. On the other side of the line, agents can answer inquiries with ai-generated responses while enjoying a user-friendly desk interface.

"Our vision is to revolutionize service delivery and customer experience in the realm of mobile messaging. Clickatell AI leverages a diverse array of AI technologies to understand customer intent and deliver automated yet conversational responses, all while considering context. Additionally, Clickatell AI equips support agents with real-time, context-aware suggested responses for more efficient customer interactions," said Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Clickatell.

The solution enables businesses in various sectors, such as retail, travel, airlines, hospitality, telecommunications, and more, to harness the power of AI for automating brand interactions on mobile messaging channels. Clickatell AI provides substantial advantages, empowering organizations to automate and enhance conversational experiences with their brands.

Real-time learning

Clickatell AI continuously learns in real-time, enhancing customer engagement quality and decreasing the time and effort needed for manual bot programming.

Additionally, it removes the need for costly developer hours traditionally spent on manual bot programming, resulting in direct cost savings.

By delivering personalized, automated responses, Clickatell AI enables businesses to efficiently serve a larger customer base, leading to increased conversions and revenue.

Clickatell AI also helps businesses anticipate customer needs, predict issues, provide personalized support, and enhance Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

24/7 customer support

Customers can obtain precise, swift, and personalized responses more efficiently, minimizing the likelihood of human error. Moreover, by integrating AI in e-commerce, businesses elevate the shopping experience for consumers by providing tailored product suggestions and streamlining processes.

The solution enables quick 24/7 self-service customer support, as well as equips customer service agents with suggested responses for customer queries, enhancing accuracy and resolution speed. It also increases agent productivity, streamlines training, and expedites onboarding processes.

Clickatell AI places a significant focus on elevating customer satisfaction by facilitating personalized, natural, and adaptable interactions. This ensures that customers receive the correct information in a conversational manner, promptly and at a large scale. Businesses can intelligently and efficiently handle customer inquiries and frequently asked questions while also having the capacity to expand their customer service operations without sacrificing quality or efficiency.