Get to Know: Quiq

Established in 2015, Quiq aims to transform consumers' interactions with their beloved brands and make communication as easy as with family and friends. Traditional phone calls are often seen as intrusive and time-consuming, while emails lack a personal touch. Recognizing that texting was the preferred way people accomplished tasks, Quiq was introduced to extend the same level of ease in communicating with businesses. We spoke with Quiq CEO Mike Myer to find out more about the company's platform and the impact it is making on business messaging.

Are there any unique features or capabilities that differentiate Quiq's platform from competitors?

Quiq is unique because our platform handles 100% of all digital customer inquiries between consumers and their favorite brands. While other vendors may offer AI or may offer text messaging as part of a CCaaS solution, Quiq has best-of-breed AI automation built on the latest AI coupled with a next-generation digital contact center where human agents can answer questions that need to be escalated from AI.

How does Quiq's platform facilitate automation and AI-powered chatbots? What role do they play in streamlining customer support processes?

Quiq’s platform helps a business design and build LLM-powered customer-facing assistants in digital messaging channels. These customer service assistants facilitate more effective self-service and provide personalized, contextual, and relevant answers. If the customer facing assistant is unable to handle the customer’s question, they are seamlessly handed off to agents assisted by AI capabilities on Quiq’s Digital agent contact center.

How does Quiq ensure data security and privacy of customers' sensitive information?

Quiq is SOC 2 compliant and has compliance tools to help customers permanently delete customer data, whether for a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) request, a CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) request, or any other reason. With heightened concerns about AI and security, Quiq assures our clients that their data will be used only for the purposes of delivering the service to them and will not be used as part of third-party AI training.

How does Quiq enable businesses to seamlessly integrate messaging channels such as SMS, webchat, social messaging, and more into their customer service operations?

Quiq is an official partner in the Apple Message for Business, Google Business Messaging, and the Meta Business Partner (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) programs. As part of these programs, Quiq has access to the features and capabilities of all these channels. Quiq also has webchat and SMS messaging capabilities.

Quiq offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Could you explain how businesses can leverage these features to gain valuable insights into their customer service performance and make data-driven decisions?

  • Funnels, conversation goals, heatmaps and sankey diagrams in Quiq’s Automation Studio guide our customers’ conversation-building process and help them analyze the performance of their assistants
  • Advanced conversational metrics purpose-built for the asynchronous nature of digital conversations helps customers optimize the performance of their agents and improve efficiency
  • A customized and personalized metrics cockpit for the customer’s team lead helps them understand organizational performance at a glance.

Can you talk about any innovative or future-oriented plans that Quiq has in terms of expanding its product offerings or improving customer value?

Quiq is continuing to invest heavily in capabilities that will help businesses better leverage LLMs for their customer experience and customer service operations.

Can you share some success stories or use cases of how Quiq has made a positive impact on its customers' businesses?

Quiq’s solutions have helped dozens of enterprises transform their CX and customer service. For example, Organic prepared food provider Daily Harvest collaborated with Quiq to implement Apple Messages for Business and upgraded its existing CRM to Quiq’s conversational platform and achieved a 98% CSAT. And then there’s pest control company Terminix, which earned $7 million in cross-sales ROI in just eight months with Quiq’s OBN platform, which reduces the need for outbound calls with AI-powered bots that can manage scheduling via SMS.