Closing the Loop with Customers Boosts Retention Rates

To help businesses improve their mobile customer engagement strategies, Alchemer has released its Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report for the eighth year in a row. This report provides an analysis of the latest trends in mobile-app usage and behavior across 11 different industries over the past year.

“The business landscape for app publishers is evolving quickly and continuously. Year over year, the Benchmark Report has consistently shown that when app publishers ask for customer feedback and immediately action that feedback, major improvements in key metrics are the result. This report highlights for app publishers the best ways to immediately strengthen performance and customer sentiment using the Alchemer Mobile in-app feedback solution,” said Ryan Tamminga, SVP, Product and Services at Alchemer.

Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive) collected data from over one billion mobile app installations from customers using different iOS and Android apps. The recently released 2023 Benchmark Report revealed that closing the loop with customers significantly improved customer sentiment, retention rates, as well as app reviews and ratings. Categorized into major industries like finance, healthcare, and utilities, the report provides businesses with a useful starting point to assess their mobile app strengths, identify growth opportunities, and improve their customer engagement strategies.

Taking into account the findings, companies should consider these three feedback strategies to win customers in 2023:

1. Close customer feedback loops. This involves not only capturing their feedback and taking action on it but also informing them that their input was acknowledged and demonstrating the changes that were made based on their suggestions.

2. Invest in retention early. Engaging with customers in the first 30 days can help minimize the likelihood of churn and enhance the value of the customer over time.

3. Always be alongside customers. Understanding your customers thoroughly enough to anticipate their behavior, including the channels they will use to provide feedback, is crucial. While mobile is the optimal channel for gathering feedback in real-time, an effective feedback approach should include various channels.

Alchemer Mobile offers an in-app customer feedback platform that enables app providers to track changes in customer emotion and gather valuable feedback throughout the mobile customer journey. With proactive communication tools, Alchemer Mobile helps businesses enhance customer understanding, manage brand reputation, create seamless customer experiences, and validate product roadmaps. Some of the notable companies that use Alchemer Mobile's platform include FanDuel, CNN, JetBlue, Experian, Arby's, and Safeway.