Over 40% of Contact Centers Face Difficulties in Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can be a challenge for many contact centers. SuccessKPI has released a report conducted by Forrester Consulting that reveals that over 40% of those in charge of contact centers have experienced difficulties in successfully transitioning to CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service).

The study also found that migration to the cloud has been a challenging process for many contact centers, with the shortage of resources and the complexity of the transition being some of the major reasons for this difficulty. Furthermore, the study emphasized that having expertise in solutions and cloud technology is crucial for the successful implementation of cloud contact center solutions, leading to better quality, increased efficiency, and, ultimately, improved business outcomes.

“The key to cloud success is a cloud-native toolset that provides a single source of truth across data sources and enables advanced analytics and automation. This is the reason we founded SuccessKPI—purpose-built for contact centers to make simple things easy, and complex things possible from the agent to the CEO,” said Dave Rennyson, CEO, SuccessKPI.

The study showed that over 70% of the respondents acknowledge the significance of optimizing the performance of their CCaaS for their business's success. However, only 35% of the participants have been successful in achieving their goals. Moreover, only 25% of all respondents, including decision-makers from contact centers in North America, South America, and Europe, expressed satisfaction with the performance of their contact centers.

“The move to the cloud has been a frustrating journey for many. Gaps in capabilities, like automation and intelligence, mean many organizations are not seeing the promise of CCaaS,” the Forrester study cites.

Forrester Consulting's research has identified that deficiencies in functionality and usability are the main reasons behind dissatisfaction and producing inadequate outcomes.

  • Over 50% of respondents believe that CCaaS solutions offer 75% or less of the functionality, features, and usability of on-premises solutions.

  • Even though 75% of respondents consider automation and insights crucial for comprehending customers and driving business results, more than half of them believe that their present CCaaS solution is ineffective or deficient in providing these capabilities.

The survey results revealed that 79% of respondents acknowledge the importance of having the appropriate cloud toolset for maximizing their CCaaS.

SuccessKPI has recently integrated with Zoom to enable Zoom Contact Center customers to utilize advanced analytics and AI/ML technologies to enhance their operations.