Cognigy.AI Platform Is Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Cognigy has announced that its enterprise conversational AI platform, Cognigy.AI, is now available on AWS Marketplace. By leveraging Cognigy.AI, AWS customers can offer personalized service experiences around the clock on voice and digital channels.

Cognigy.AI is a platform that provides a range of customer service solutions such as Conversational IVR, Smart Self-Service, and Agent Assist. With Cognigy.AI, contact centers can leverage Generative AI to enhance customer experiences. This platform offers the reliability and control of Enterprise Conversational AI, along with the flexibility and power of Large Language Models, which can create natural, empathetic, and lifelike interactions.

"We're proud to have Cognigy.AI available in AWS Marketplace, a trusted source for technology providers that meet the highest standards. As an Amazon partner on AWS Marketplace, we can now extend our reach to customer service and contact center teams worldwide who rely on AWS for service delivery—and together with Amazon, deliver a combined solution that results in improved customer experience, increased efficiency, and better employee engagement,” said Hardy Myers, SVP of Business Development and Strategy at Cognigy.

Cognigy is an Amazon partner and one of the first companies to be certified by AWS for its Conversational AI competency program. Cognigy.AI is integrated with Amazon Connect, allowing customers to take advantage of Amazon's built-in features, like Amazon Lex, without additional configuration or integration requirements. The platform's low-code flow builder and built-in integrations allow for faster time to market, making it easier for businesses to implement conversational AI technology.

In addition, the company recently announced its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate program. This program is a co-sell initiative for AWS Partners, who offer software solutions that integrate or run on AWS. This collaboration allows for the integration of AWS and Cognigy solutions, providing a more robust and effective platform for AWS customers.

At the beginning of the year, Cognigy enhanced its platform, Cognigy.AI, with Generative AI to augment conversational AI deployments.