Uniphore’s X Platform Elevates CX with Real-Time Multi-Mode AI Solutions

Uniphore has introduced innovations to its X Platform to enhance customer and employee experiences, expedite time-to-market advantages, and improve overall operational efficiencies.

The key advancements involve leveraging multiple data modes to deliver AI solutions equipped with pre-built guardrails. These guardrails streamline the integration of Knowledge AI, Emotion AI, and Generative AI.

In contrast to vendors relying solely on open frameworks centered around text-based large language models, Uniphore captures, structures, analyzes, and utilizes a diverse set of data for its X Platform. By considering a full range of data, including voice nuances (tone, cadence, word choices), visual cues, and text, Uniphore effectively mitigates challenges associated with relying on a single data source.

“Global enterprises are looking for robust AI solutions to not only solve current business challenges but find ways to deliver better customer and employee experiences to drive business forward in the future. Customers have come to rely on Uniphore to ensure they get the best end-to-end AI platform that leverages Knowledge AI, Emotion AI and Generative AI across voice, video and text-based channels for a complete solution,” said Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore.

Uniphore has helped its customers with solutions that effectively address contemporary challenges like hallucinations, data sovereignty, and privacy concerns. Leveraging real-time multi-mode AI across all its applications, Uniphore enhances customer and employee experiences by providing contextual responses and accurate guidance. Importantly, it ensures an elevated level of control over data privacy and security, benefiting enterprises in managing and safeguarding sensitive information.

Assisting customers with the latest solutions  

Uniphore's latest innovations across the X Platform introduce a new manager application within U-Assist, facilitating real-time support for managers to enhance agent performance. Notable enhancements in U-Assist include expedited system setup and rapid learning from pre-trained models for improved accuracy and summarization through Gen AI, leading to heightened operational efficiencies and application effectiveness. The platform also features advancements in promise management, increasing automation capabilities for follow-through.

The Q for Sales module sees an enhancement in meeting summarization through the integration of Generative AI and Emotion AI. This innovation delivers actionable insights based on buyer sentiment and engagement signals in virtual sales conversations. The summaries leverage buyer reactions and sentiment to identify key moments, areas of confusion, interest, and fluctuations in engagement, providing more accurate and actionable insights for sellers.

U-Self Serve, with a focus on digital channel support via WhatsApp, benefits from enhanced Gen AI capabilities. These improvements encompass training sentences, document cognition, dialog modification, zero-shot models, and repeat responses, ultimately driving better call deflection and containment rates. This results in quicker time-to-value and an elevated Customer Experience (CX).

Additionally, Uniphore introduces the Next-Generation of U-Capture, a cloud-enabled voice and screen recording and streaming solution. This advancement allows companies to seamlessly stream and record voice and screen conversations in the cloud, adding flexibility and accessibility to the U-Capture platform.